The Dudley & District Bowling League 2017

Thursday League

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The Final week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWonPost-
Thu 31st Aug Thursday 1
61588George BVGate CG A21272 
41486Royal Oak BVCradley Sports A41224 
61448Dudley Dell BVRoyal Oak A21232 
41376West Brom F.S.C. AVCoombs Wood A41364 
21232Cradley Heath Libs AVDudley Dell A91586 
21212Willenhall Nordley LibsVGeorge A91646 
Thu 31st Aug Thursday 2
816810WoodfieldVTall Boats A0730 
61628PennVLangley A21152 
51527Glasscutters AVHilly House A31353 
51527Woodman M.PVPheasant31233 
51317Old Cross AVM&B Portland Road A31293 
Thu 31st Aug Thursday 3
816810Bell InnVNetherton Cons0770 
61578HarborneVRowley Labour21222 
41464Wernley AVCoseley Athletic A71484 
51407Somers AVRomsley A31243 
41356Kingswinford Cons AVGreets Green41314 
21232Woodman Saltwells AVCoseley Tavern A91566 
Thu 31st Aug Thursday 4
51597Langley BVPensnett Social31163 
51537Tall Boats BVBrades Village31203 
51467Gate CG BVWoodman Saltwells B31143 
61448Warley (A&W)VDudley Sports A21112 
41376Cradley Sports BVCradley Heath Libs B41144