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Finals day    Saturday  16th Sept  at  New Brighton cricket ground

parkfield  won the 1st division final  defeating  NB Quarry Vikings   at  a sunny  Rake Lane.  Their semi final opponents  were Liscard ,  best result  was  a 15-2  for  Colin Mcloud,  Paul Harris.  The match finished  55 apiece  and was  decided on blocks won.

In the other semi final  NB Quarry Vikings  defeated  Sacred Heart  by  18 shots , best results were  a pair of fives  from Dave Griffiths, Joshua Bendry,  Jimmy Kearney , Charlie Ward,   Barry Smith, John Hollywood replied with a four.

In the final  Parkfield won by  38 shots , best result came from George Roberts, and Johnathan Bendry winning to seven,  the young man showed some excellent  corner bowling.  Best result for Parkfield  was a 21-2  from Mark Houghton, Barbara McBurney.

The match will be remembered for dubious long tapes called,  some were  nearly the full length of the green.   Thanks  to  New Brighton  Cricket club  for all their hospitality.


In the 2nd division  the matches were played on the lower green  Grange  defeated  Wallasey RBL  in the final.   In the semi final  they  saw off Great Meols  by  3 shots,   the damage was done  by  a  15-1   for John Mcloughlin, Chris Lowden, Great Meols  replied with a 15-5 for Dave Carroll., Dave East.  In the other semi final  Wallasey RBL took advantage of a block short St Georges  to win by four shots, best win for St Georges was a 15-4 for Vic Williams, Derek Smith.

After a leisurely lunch break  Grange and Wallasey RBL picked up their bowls and took to the green,   Grange proceeded to win  four out of five blocks, best result was a 21-0  to the demon duo of John Mcloughlin , Chris Lowden.    To win the match by  48 shots 

Thanks again to NB Quarry Vikings for the use of their greens,  




A reminder   that  all  clubs   have until the  end of September  to put forward  any  proposals  regarding the  North Wirral League.

Any  proposals will  have be seconded  to become  a motion , to  take to the  AGM  in  November.   As per  usual   the  committee members  all have to be re elected .

Extra members on the  committee  will be welcomed.


 KNOCKOUT CUP.                                                                                 

 Liscard. finally. ended the. Parkfield. domination. by. winning the. knockout. cup.  at a sunny. Coronation Park.

They.  saw. off. Parkfield. in the. semifinal.  with a 15-2. for Lee Abbott, Eric Jenkins,  Parkfield replied with. a 15- 4. for Marc Houghton, Barbara McBurney.


In the final. they played NB Quarry Vikings.  who.  overcame St Georges. Club  who had a ten shot handicap.,   best winners were. 15-4 Brenda. Boulton, Mike Pilling .


NB Quarry Vikings. got off to to. a flying. start. in the final   with. the young hot  shots. Jonathan, Joshua Bendry.  winning with their partners. to open up  a 23. shot lead.

Rod Whiite, Bernie Voller. won to 9.,  reducing the deficit. to 11  shots.  Liscard. won the  last two blocks. to. 11, 9.  To win the match by. 11 shots.




















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