North Wirral Bowling League


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Rob Smith Tommy Walker  Rob Smith
Wed Aug 16th 2 results from 2 Matches
Wed Aug 23rd 4 Cup Games


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                   Welcome to the North Wirral League

We are having a few issues with matches being cancelled. due to cup matches.

This is now the busiest time of the season,  please have  patience,  we. have until the end of August  to complete fixtures.




Semi Final.  August 23rd

1. Grange. v. St Georges.   at. Upton. VH

2 Parkfield. v. Manor Rd. or Sacred Heart

3  NB Quarry Vikings. v. H.C.M.  at Wallasey RBL

4  Liscard. v. Wallasey RBL.   At. Grange





 Divisional  Final    Sat 16th Sept  at  New Brighton Cricket Ground  12pm start.













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