Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2018







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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWonPost-
Thu 13th Sep Thursday Thursday
816840St. GeorgesVMadeley15880 
515434Elephant and CastleVShifnal241213 
414830Prince of Wales HotelVWrock Wood301414 
514331Allscott HeathVBowring B241133 
212626CharltonVBowring A351576 
Fri 14th Sep Friday Division 1
1024913Highley AVBridgnorth A21812 
1024113H U S C AVBowring A22022 
823111Bylet AVSJ Bayley A41744 
722710Trench AVSt Georges A51955 
822011Newport AVDonn Wood A41964 
721310Madeley C C AVSinclair A52085 
51885Allscott Heath AVWrock Wood A102197 
Fri 14th Sep Friday Division 2
1024713Horsehay AVWrock Wood B21672 
923712Edgmond AVBroseley A31733 
62229Sinclair BVHorsehay B62046 
72077Bylet BVShifnal A82145 
62019Charlton AVNewport B61916 
31743Bowring BVStockton A122439 
Fri 14th Sep Friday Division 3
823311St Georges BVMuch Wenlock A42074 
723010Maddocks AVMadeley CC B52135 
822711Bridgnorth BVTrench B41804 
721410Albrighton AVAllscott Heath B51775 
52145Newport CVDonn Wood B102387 
Sat 15th Sep Saturday Saturday League
716739Allscott HeathVBridgnorth10631 
Mon 17th Sep Monday Division 4
722710Shifnal CVSinclair C52015 
62219Worfield AVAlbrighton B61966 
61956Broseley BVWrock Wood C92086 
51885Madeley CC CVAllscott Heath C102237 
Mon 17th Sep Monday Division 5
42224Wrock Wood DVSt Georges C112338 
821911SJ Bayley DVMuch Wenlock B41894 
62119Charlton BVTrench C61846 
51945Bridgnorth CVSJ Bayley C102037 
Mon 17th Sep Monday Division 6
721210Newport DVMadeley CC D51875 
62089Albrighton CVBridgnorth D62026 
51855Sinclair DVHighley B102097 
31653Allscott Heath DVShifnal D122119 
Donn Wood DVEdgmond B 
Wed 19th Sep Monday Division 4
Horsehay CVDonn Wood C 
Wed 19th Sep Thursday Thursday
Thu 20th Sep Thursday Thursday
Bowring AVPrince of Wales Hotel 
Bowring BVSt. Georges 
HUSCVAllscott Heath 
MadeleyVElephant and Castle 
Wrock WoodVSinclair 
Fri 21st Sep Friday Division 1
Bowring AVAllscott Heath A 
Bridgnorth AVTrench A 
Donn Wood AVSinclair A 
Highley AVBylet A 
SJ Bayley AVNewport A 
St Georges AVH U S C A 
Wrock Wood AVMadeley C C A 
Fri 21st Sep Friday Division 2
Broseley AVBowring B 
Horsehay BVCharlton A 
Newport BVBylet B 
Shifnal AVHorsehay A 
Sinclair BVEdgmond A 
Wrock Wood BVSJ Bayley B 
Fri 21st Sep Friday Division 3
Allscott Heath BVNewport C 
Chelmarsh AVMaddocks A 
Donn Wood BVSt Georges B 
Madeley CC BVBridgnorth B 
Much Wenlock AVShifnal B 
Trench BVAlbrighton A 
Mon 24th Sep Monday Division 4
Albrighton BVHorsehay C 
Allscott Heath CVShifnal C 
Donn Wood CVH U S C B 
Sinclair CVWorfield A 
Wrock Wood CVMadeley CC C 
Mon 24th Sep Monday Division 5
Bylet CVSJ Bayley D 
Much Wenlock BVWrock Wood D 
SJ Bayley CVCharlton B 
St Georges CVBowring C 
Mon 24th Sep Monday Division 6
Edgmond BVAlbrighton C 
Highley BVAllscott Heath D 
Horsehay DVNewport D 
Madeley CC DVSinclair D 
Shifnal DVDonn Wood D 
Wed 26th Sep Friday Division 1
Sinclair AVWrock Wood A