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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWon
Sun 18th Jun Friday Division 1
1124514SJ Bayley AVDonn Wood A11261
Mon 19th Jun Monday Division 4
822211Donn Wood CVWorfield A41584
1022213H U S C BVHorsehay C21832
721610Wrock Wood CVMadeley CC C51855
721310Sinclair CVSJ Bayley C51725
821011Broseley BVBridgnorth C41834
Mon 19th Jun Monday Division 5
922612Bylet CVHighley B31513
921312Much Wenlock BVMaddocks B31703
821011Shifnal CVTrench C41744
820211Charlton BVAlbrighton B41804
21802Allscott DVSt Georges C1324610
Mon 19th Jun Monday Division 6
822811SJ Bayley DVSinclair D41904
721510Bridgnorth DVWrock Wood D51995
62139Albrighton CVDonn Wood D62026
62089Madeley CC DVShifnal D61896
51915Horsehay DVEdgmond B102337
Wed 21st Jun Friday Division 1
722310Highley AVBowring A51965
Wed 21st Jun Monday Division 5
822211Bylet CVTrench C42124
Thu 22nd Jun Thursday Thursday
515434Bowring BVCharlton261333
614634Prince of Wales HotelVNewport281402
614332Wrock WoodVShifnal231172
614232MadeleyVSt. Georges251322
312023TrenchVSJ Bayley311395
Fri 23rd Jun Friday Division 1
1024913SJ Bayley AVSinclair A21822
923412Madeley C C AVDonn Wood A31853
62209H U S C AVWrock Wood A61966
721710Stockton AVNewport A52075
720910Bowring AVSt Georges A51945
72037Allscott AVBylet A82105
61956Horsehay AVHighley A92016
Fri 23rd Jun Friday Division 2
924612Bowring BVSJ Bayley B31783
924412Bridgnorth AVWrock Wood B31623
822611Broseley AVEdgmond A41934
721910Shifnal AVHorsehay B52095
52055Donn Wood BVTrench A102307
Sinclair BVMadeley CC B
Fri 23rd Jun Friday Division 3
1124714Bylet BVAllscott B11681
822711Maddocks AVNewport C41704
721510Chelmarsh AVAlbrighton A51905
920912Newport BVShifnal B31813
720210Much Wenlock AVBridgnorth B51945
Mon 26th Jun Monday Division 4
Allscott CVSinclair C
Bridgnorth CVWrock Wood C
Horsehay CVBroseley B
Madeley CC CVH U S C B
SJ Bayley CVDonn Wood C
Mon 26th Jun Monday Division 5
Albrighton BVBylet C
Highley BVBowring C
Maddocks BVShifnal C
St Georges CVMuch Wenlock B
Trench CVAllscott D
Mon 26th Jun Monday Division 6
Donn Wood DVHorsehay D
Edgmond BVNewport D
Shifnal DVBridgnorth D
Sinclair DVMadeley CC D
Wrock Wood DVSJ Bayley D
Thu 29th Jun Thursday Thursday
ShifnalVBowring A
SinclairVWrock Wood
SJ BayleyVAllscott
St. GeorgesVBowring B
Fri 30th Jun Friday Division 1
Bylet AVMadeley C C A
Donn Wood AVHorsehay A
Newport AVH U S C A
Sinclair AVAllscott A
St Georges AVStockton A
Wrock Wood AVSJ Bayley A
Fri 30th Jun Friday Division 2
Charlton AVDonn Wood B
Horsehay BVBridgnorth A
Madeley CC BVShifnal A
SJ Bayley BVSinclair B
Trench AVBowring B
Wrock Wood BVBroseley A
Fri 30th Jun Friday Division 3
Albrighton AVMuch Wenlock A
Allscott BVChelmarsh A
Bridgnorth BVNewport B
Newport CVTrench B
Shifnal BVSt Georges B