Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2018







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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWon
Thu 5th Apr Thursday Thursday
Bowring AVBowring B
Elephant and CastleVSinclair
Prince of Wales HotelVHUSC
ShifnalVAllscott Heath
Wrock WoodVSt. Georges
Fri 6th Apr Friday Division 1
Allscott Heath AVBridgnorth A
Bylet AVWrock Wood A
Donn Wood AVHighley A
Madeley C C AVSJ Bayley A
Newport AVH U S C A
Sinclair AVSt Georges A
Trench AVBowring A
Fri 6th Apr Friday Division 2
Bowring BVBylet B
Charlton AVShifnal A
Edgmond AVWrock Wood B
Horsehay AVHorsehay B
SJ Bayley BVBroseley A
Stockton AVSinclair B
Sat 7th Apr Saturday Saturday League
Allscott HeathVSJ Bayley
TrenchVDonn Wood Sat
Mon 9th Apr Monday Division 4
Albrighton BVMadeley CC C
Donn Wood CVBroseley B
H U S C BVWorfield A
Sinclair CVHorsehay C
Wrock Wood CVAllscott Heath C
Mon 9th Apr Monday Division 5
Bridgnorth CVWrock Wood D
Maddocks BVCharlton B
Much Wenlock BVBowring C
SJ Bayley CVSJ Bayley D
Trench CVBylet C
Mon 9th Apr Monday Division 6
Allscott Heath DVNewport D
Edgmond BVBridgnorth D
Highley BVDonn Wood D
Horsehay DVSinclair D
Madeley CC DVAlbrighton C
Thu 12th Apr Thursday Thursday
Allscott HeathVMadeley
Bowring BVNewport
CharltonVPrince of Wales Hotel
HUSCVWrock Wood
SinclairVBowring A
St. GeorgesVElephant and Castle
Fri 13th Apr Friday Division 1
Bowring AVSinclair A
Bridgnorth AVMadeley C C A
H U S C AVBylet A
Highley AVTrench A
SJ Bayley AVAllscott Heath A
St Georges AVNewport A
Wrock Wood AVDonn Wood A
Fri 13th Apr Friday Division 2
Broseley AVHorsehay A
Bylet BVEdgmond A
Horsehay BVSJ Bayley B
Newport BVBowring B
Sinclair BVCharlton A
Wrock Wood BVStockton A
Fri 13th Apr Friday Division 3
Albrighton AVShifnal B
Allscott Heath BVMuch Wenlock A
Donn Wood BVBridgnorth B
Maddocks AVNewport C
Madeley CC BVSt Georges B
Trench BVChelmarsh A
Mon 16th Apr Monday Division 4
Allscott Heath CVDonn Wood C
Broseley BVAlbrighton B
Horsehay CVH U S C B
Madeley CC CVSinclair C
Shifnal CVWrock Wood C
Mon 16th Apr Monday Division 5
Bowring CVBridgnorth C
Bylet CVMaddocks B
Charlton BVSt Georges C
SJ Bayley DVTrench C
Wrock Wood DVSJ Bayley C
Mon 16th Apr Monday Division 6
Albrighton CVHorsehay D
Bridgnorth DVHighley B
Donn Wood DVMadeley CC D
Newport DVShifnal D
Sinclair DVAllscott Heath D