Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2018







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Current Week's Fixtures/Results
WonAggPtsHome TeamAway TeamPtsAggWonPost-
Tue 19th Jun Friday Division 1
42024Bridgnorth AVSt Georges A112258 
Wed 20th Jun Friday Division 2
722010SJ Bayley BVHorsehay A51955 
Wed 20th Jun Monday Division 4
1023813Worfield AVDonn Wood C21642 
823211Madeley CC CVShifnal C41984 
823011Horsehay CVWrock Wood C41944 
722210Broseley BVAllscott Heath C51855 
722210H U S C BVAlbrighton B51965 
Wed 20th Jun Monday Division 5
1023313SJ Bayley CVMuch Wenlock B21542 
821711Bridgnorth CVSt Georges C41944 
721010Bowring CVTrench C52015 
62069Charlton BVBylet C61806 
Wed 20th Jun Monday Division 6
923212Newport DVHighley B32083 
721910Allscott Heath DVMadeley CC D51815 
62006Donn Wood DVBridgnorth D92186 
41854Shifnal DVHorsehay D112358 
Thu 21st Jun Monday Division 6
71947Sinclair DVEdgmond B82135 
Thu 21st Jun Thursday Thursday
716538Wrock WoodVAllscott Heath181021 
715937Bowring AVTrench191071 
514532ShifnalVSt. Georges261243 
514432Elephant and CastleVPrince of Wales Hotel231163 
313327Bowring BVSinclair301365 
Fri 22nd Jun Friday Division 1
1125114Trench AVBridgnorth A11121 
922312Sinclair AVDonn Wood A31863 
62146Madeley C C AVWrock Wood A92166 
62076H U S C AVSt Georges A92196 
72047Newport AVSJ Bayley A82205 
61956Allscott Heath AVBowring A92236 
21902Bylet AVHighley A1323210 
Fri 22nd Jun Friday Division 2
1024913Horsehay AVShifnal A21612 
1024313SJ Bayley BVWrock Wood B21662 
723010Bylet BVNewport B51975 
921812Charlton AVHorsehay B31823 
62076Edgmond AVSinclair B92106 
61979Bowring BVBroseley A61836 
Fri 22nd Jun Friday Division 3
1124914Maddocks AVChelmarsh A11381 
922512Albrighton AVTrench B31623 
722510St Georges BVDonn Wood B51785 
720910Shifnal BVMuch Wenlock A51995 
62086Bridgnorth BVMadeley CC B92136 
51795Newport CVAllscott Heath B102327 
Sat 23rd Jun Monday Division 6
62169Highley BVSinclair D62056 
Mon 25th Jun Monday Division 4
Albrighton BVWorfield A 
Allscott Heath CVMadeley CC C 
Donn Wood CVHorsehay C 
Sinclair CVShifnal C 
Wrock Wood CVBroseley B 
Mon 25th Jun Monday Division 5
Much Wenlock BVSJ Bayley D 
SJ Bayley CVBridgnorth C 
St Georges CVWrock Wood D 
Trench CVCharlton B 
Mon 25th Jun Monday Division 6
Bridgnorth DVAlbrighton C 
Edgmond BVDonn Wood D 
Madeley CC DVNewport D 
Shifnal DVAllscott Heath D 
Fri 29th Jun Friday Division 1
Bowring AVNewport A 
Bridgnorth AVBylet A 
Donn Wood AVAllscott Heath A 
Highley AVH U S C A 
SJ Bayley AVTrench A 
St Georges AVMadeley C C A 
Wrock Wood AVSinclair A 
Fri 29th Jun Friday Division 2
Broseley AVCharlton A 
Horsehay BVEdgmond A 
Newport BVSJ Bayley B 
Shifnal AVBowring B 
Sinclair BVBylet B 
Stockton AVHorsehay A