Malpas Seniors Bowling League

Roy Edwards
John & Ann Mitchell
01948 667378
Cliff Hopley
Mrs Sue Jones
All 2017 League results have been entered



For 2017 we shall have 31 teams from 18 Clubs.
There are 3 Divisions that play on a Wednesday afternoon.


Important Dates:


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Thu Sep 28th
2017 Prize Winners
Division Winner Runner Up
Division 1 Cunliffe A Chester Road A
Division 2 District A Gate Hangs High A
Division 3 Whixall Waverton Institute
Cliff & Mary Chester Rroad A Garden Village A
Jim & Ivy District A Bangor On Dee A
Jeff Carter Whixall Bunbury B
Colin Paxton George Lloyd
Delia Dutton
Gill Edge
John Smith
Dick Allen Graham Chidlow Ted Faulkner
Ann Guinney Jan Wruszek Deanna Simcock