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Malpas & District Bowling League

Alan George
Heathwood Rd
SY13 2HH
Doris Stokes
30 The Grove
SY13 1LU
Tony Nuttall
23 Oaklands Avenue
George Edge
9 Clayton Drive
SY13 1PX


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Sun Sep 14th

Final Positions for 2014
  Winners Runners Up Most Wins Gents Most Wins Ladies
Division 1 Malpas Sports A Bridgewater Neal Bennet (Malpas Spts A) Donna Bennet (Malpas Spts A)
Division 2 Malpas Sports B Chester Road A Mark Humphies (Malpas Sports B) Norma Waterfall (Chester Road A)
Ansells Cup Malpas Sports A Chester Road A    
Roayal Cup AWC Hanmer    

Mon Sep 1st Finals Day at Waverton will start at 1.30pm prompt. Ansells Cup is Chester Rd A  V  Malpas Spts  A  and the Royal Cup is Hanmer  V  AWC  A
Sat Jul 12th Winners of the League Doubles held at Bunbury were Paul Bradley (Malpas Spts) & Tommy Lloyd (Malpas Spts) with Deana Simcock (Chester Road) & Alan George (Bridgewater) as runners up.
For full results click Here.
Fri Jul 4th The Ansells Cup and Royal Cup Semi Finals Draw has been done. To be played on Saturday August 9th
Sun May 25th The Draw ( Q/F's ) for the Ansells Cup and the Royal Cup has been done. These will be played on Saturday June 28th
Fri Apr 18th Team KO Draw is now available for 17th May. For draw and venues see 2014 doubles Fixtures.
Wed Mar 5th 2014 Fixtures are now available.