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Brian Chamberlain

Alan Richards 

Alan Richards 

 14 Sandringham Road


South Staffs



125 Cannock Road



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 125 Cannock Road



WV10 8QR

01902 737873 or 07950145699

Mon Jul 16th 9 results from 15 Matches
Tue Jul 17th 1 Match

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Tue Jul 3rd


Will all teams in Division 2 and 3 use the fixtures on the web site and not the handbook.

I have messed up on the dates,sorry for any inconvience caused,

Mon Jul 2nd


8 a Side – 7.00pm Start Round 2

Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th July 2018


Tuesday 17th July

Bilston (0) V Short Heath Libs A (0) on Pennfields (bottom)

Barhale (0) V M & B Cheslyn Hay (2) on Amery

Springvale B (4) V Sedgley WM (2) on Pennfields (top)

Amery B (0) V Fordhouses A (4) on Wombourne

Pennfields Oaks (2) V Penn (0) on Springvale No 1

Wednesday 20th June

Stile (0) V Essington A (0) on Sedgley WM

Wombourne A (2) V Codsall Ex (0) on Springvale No 2

Short Heath Libs B (2) V Essington B (2) on Bilston

Players must of played at least 4 league games to be able to play in this round

Fri Jun 29th

Heath Town IMC 

Congratulations to John Corbett (Essington) on winning the IMC on Bilston defeating Barrie Sadler in the final.

Both bowlers were last years finalists.

Many thanks to Bilston for the use of the green and facilities,thanks to Bob for measuring and all the bowlers for making it a good night.

Mon Jun 4th


8 a Side – 7.00pm Start Round 1

Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th June 2018


Tuesday 19th June

Bilston (0) V Willenhall Trinity B (4) on Wombourne

Fordhouses B (4) V Springvale B (4) on Woodfield (bottom)

Springvale A (2) V Essington A (0) on Pennfields (bottom)

Wiilenhall Trinity A (0) V Sedgley WM (2) on Express and Star

Woodfield A (2) V Amery B (0) on Pennfields (top)

Springvale C (4) V Pennfields Oaks (2) on Yale (club)

Shortheath Libs A (0) V Pennfields A (0) on Essington

Fordhouse A (4) V ECC (2) on Amery

Amery A (0) V Penn (0) on Sedgley WM

Woodfield B (4) V Codsall Ex (0) on Bilston

Sedgley Ex (0) V Barhale (0) on Willenhall Trinity

Wednesday 20th June

Baggeridge (2) V Essington B (2) on Pennfields (top)

Stile (0) V Express and Star (4) on Springvale (No 2)

Wombourne A (2) V Chubbsafes (4) on Goodyear/Codsall

M&B Cheslyn Hay (2) V Wombourne B (4) on Pennfields (bottom)

Shortheath B (2) V Chesly Hay (4) on Springvale (No 1)

Fri Jun 1st

Heath Town Individual Merit Final

Tuesday 26th June 2018 at Bilston Bowling Club

Scratch Out 6.50pm

Dress Code Applies in All Finals (Black Trousers)


John Pearce - Express and Star

 Don Wood - Fordhouses

 Alan Wood - Fordhouses

 Alan Edge - Essington

 John Corbett - Essington

 John Lem - Essington

 Bill Harris – Sedgley Ex Service

Barrie Sadler - Pennfields

Mon Mar 5th



The paying in meeting is on Monday 19th March at Willenhall Libs Club commencing about 7:30 pm.


Cheques for the Monday league should be made out to the Heath Town & District Bowls League, cheques for the Friday league made payable to the Heath Town Over 50’s Bowls League.


There will also be scorecards available on the evening at £20.00 per 1000.


Sat Feb 10th

Please note Division 2

M & B Cheslyn Hay and Short Heath Libs B play their home games on Tuesdays.If a team can not play on a Tuesday please rearrage for a different date and let me know.