The Federation of Crown Green Bowls 2017
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2017 Fixtures

Fixtures for Sun 23rd Apr
Division 1Leeds AVMiddleton
Division 1HalifaxVBarnsley
Division 1BuryVBye
Division 2Colne ValleyVAiredale A
Division 2NuneatonVFylde A
Division 2WallaseyVBye
Division 3Liv/ St HelensVRochdale
Division 3Mid CheshireVNth Yorks
Division 3Sth LancsVBye
Division 4OrmskirkVFurness
Division 4DudleyVEast Lancs
Division 4Sth LakesVBye
Division 5BoltonVBradford
Division 5MenaiVLeeds B
Division 5WarringtonVBye
Division 6 ADoncasterVBurton
Division 6 AUK PoliceVCheshire Parks
Division 6 AAiredale BVBye
Division 6 BSouthPortVDoncaster B
Division 6 BRochdale LadiesVFylde B
Division 6 BPrestonVBye
Fixtures for Sun 21st May
Division 1Leeds AVHalifax
Division 1BarnsleyVBury
Division 1MiddletonVBye
Division 2Colne ValleyVNuneaton
Division 2Fylde AVWallasey
Division 2Airedale BVBye
Division 3Liv/ St HelensVMid Cheshire
Division 3Nth YorksVSth Lancs
Division 3RochdaleVBye
Division 4OrmskirkVDudley
Division 4East LancsVSth Lakes
Division 4FurnessVBye
Division 5BoltonVMenai
Division 5Leeds BVWarrington
Division 5BradfordVBye
Division 6 AUK PoliceVDoncaster
Division 6 ABurtonVAiredale B
Division 6 ACheshire ParksVBye
Division 6 BSouthPortVRochdale Ladies
Division 6 BFylde BVPreston
Division 6 BDoncaster BVBye
Fixtures for Sun 18th Jun
Division 6 BDoncaster BVPreston
Fixtures for Sun 25th Jun
Division 1HalifaxVBye
Division 1Leeds AVBarnsley
Division 1MiddletonVBury
Division 2NuneatonVBye
Division 2Colne ValleyVFylde A
Division 2Airedale AVWallasey
Division 3Mid CheshireVBye
Division 3Liv/ St HelensVNth Yorks
Division 3RochdaleVSth Lancs
Division 4DudleyVBye
Division 4OrmskirkVEast Lancs
Division 4FurnessVSth Lakes
Division 5MenaiVBye
Division 5BoltonVLeeds B
Division 5BradfordVWarrington
Division 6 ADoncasterVBye
Division 6 ACheshire ParksVAiredale B
Division 6 AUK PoliceVBurton
Division 6 BRochdale LadiesVBye
Division 6 BSouthPortVFylde B
Fixtures for Thu 13th Jul
Fixtures for Sun 23rd Jul
Division 1Leeds AVBury
Division 1MiddletonVHalifax
Division 1BarnsleyVBye
Division 2Airedale AVNuneaton
Division 2Fylde AVBye
Division 3Liv/ St HelensVSth Lancs
Division 3RochdaleVMid Cheshire
Division 3Nth YorksVBye
Division 4OrmskirkVSth Lakes
Division 4FurnessVDudley
Division 4East LancsVBye
Division 5BoltonVWarrington
Division 5BradfordVMenai
Division 5Leeds BVBye
Division 6 ACheshire ParksVDoncaster
Division 6 AUK PoliceVAiredale B
Division 6 ABurtonVBye
Division 6 BSouthPortVPreston
Division 6 BDoncaster BVRochdale Ladies
Division 6 BFylde BVBye
Fixtures for Sun 13th Aug
Division 2Colne ValleyVWallasey
Fixtures for Sun 20th Aug
Division 1HalifaxVBury
Division 1Leeds AVBye
Division 2Airedale AVFylde A
Division 2NuneatonVWallasey
Division 2Colne ValleyVBye
Division 3RochdaleVNth Yorks
Division 3Mid CheshireVSth Lancs
Division 3Liv/ St HelensVBye
Division 4OrmskirkVBye
Division 4FurnessVEast Lancs
Division 4DudleyVSth Lakes
Division 5BoltonVBye
Division 5BradfordVLeeds B
Division 5MenaiVWarrington
Division 6 ADoncasterVAiredale B
Division 6 ACheshire ParksVBurton
Division 6 AUK PoliceVBye
Division 6 BSouthPortVBye
Division 6 BDoncaster BVFylde B
Division 6 BRochdale LadiesVPreston
Fixtures for Sun 3rd Sep
Division 1MiddletonVBarnsley