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Wendy Icke

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Brian Allen

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Reg Cartlidge

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Week Beginning May 22nd 17 results from 17 Mon Matches
20 Fri Matches


Welcome to the 2017 Market Drayton Bowling League.


Important Dates:


Latest information:

Sat May 20th

PLEASE NOTE: Notices will be going to four clubs concerning ineligible players that have played in the Jim Swire Doubles. Remember the committee do not make the rules, clubs do.

Thu Apr 20th

It is with regret that Prees have had to withdraw their 'A' team in division 1. Teams will now receive a bye.

Tue Apr 11th

UNLISTED PLAYERS: Can I please ask all Captains, if there is a player not listed, PLEASE enter their name in the box that automatically pops up for their name to be entered. This will save myself having to ring round you Captains to ask who the player was. 

Tue Apr 4th

DRAW FOR JIM SWIRE DOUBLES WITH VENUES CAN NOW BE SEEN under 2017 Cup Fixtures / Results/ Jim Swire Cup.

Thu Mar 16th

TEAM DOUBLES: Malpas Farmers, Malpas Sports, and Woore need to inform secretary as to whether their club is entering the doubles. Thank You.

Sun Mar 5th

GET YOUR ENTRIES IN FOR THE JIM SWIRE DOUBLES. Draw will take place at the next executive meeting.

Fri Feb 24th

The Management Committee would like to inform all clubs and members that our Chairman / Competition secretary, Jamie Brookes has resigned from the M D League. Reg. Cartlidge will be acting Chairman , for this coming season.