Demo Bowling Results


Week Beginning Sep 30th 12 results from 13 Tue Matches


This Demonstration is using 2014 Barlows Bowling League match results, from the last week of the season.

A box on the top of the screen shows the number of results entered so far, with one result missing

To see how the on-line system works, click on Club Login or Enter Demo Results use the password demo

The screen will show Audlem club fixtures.   
The Audlem A V Bridgewater A has not been entered.

Select that match, a screen is displayed where you may practice entering a set of results.

Click on names and numbers, they will appear in the highlighted boxes.

Save results and the tables etc will be updated, to include the results you have just entered.
You may view these results or go back and make more changes.

When you have saved results you will notice the box at the top of the screen is now showing all results have been entered.
When you log out, your practice results will be deleted and the tables will revert to one result missing.

For the live version clubs are issued with a password to login, but Captains may only enter results for their own team, they can enter or change results for a limited period or for any postponed match.

The Results Secretary may enter or correct results at any time throughout the season. Once he has entered a result it is locked and only he can make further changes.

One advantage of this system is that a result entered at the green, as soon as a match is completed, using a tablet or phone is instantly displayed on the website.

Postage costs are minimal as the cards are retained by the captains and only sent to the results secretary in the event of a dispute.
The results secretary is saved many hours work, he only enters results which are disputed, or the few cards he may receive by post.

Any problems please email Mike Beckett at