Coors Mid Shropshire Bowling League 2018

Ashton cup

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Quarter Final Round Held on 25/04/18
1H U S C B(4)    Wrock Wood D(22)AtH U S C B
1Wrock Wood D(22)    H U S C B(4)AtWrock Wood D
2Albrighton B(12)    St Georges C(14)AtAlbrighton B
2St Georges C(14)    Albrighton B(12)AtSt Georges C
3Madeley CC C(6)    SJ Bayley D(23)AtMadeley CC C
3SJ Bayley D(23)    Madeley CC C(6)AtSJ Bayley D
4Wrock Wood C(2)    Sinclair D(31)AtWrock Wood C
4Sinclair D(31)    Wrock Wood C(2)AtSinclair D

Preliminary Round Held on 11/04/18
1H U S C B(4)853280Charlton B(13)AtH U S C B
1Charlton B(13)702397H U S C B(4)AtCharlton B
Combined Result with handicapH U S C B(4)18664163Charlton B(13)  
2Wrock Wood D(22)872390SJ Bayley C(10)AtWrock Wood D
2SJ Bayley C(10)592394Wrock Wood D(22)AtSJ Bayley C
Combined Result with handicapWrock Wood D(22)20355159SJ Bayley C(10)  
3Trench C(16)792388Albrighton B(12)AtTrench C
3Albrighton B(12)963281Trench C(16)AtAlbrighton B
Combined Result with handicapAlbrighton B(12)19664176Trench C(16)  
4Sinclair C(8)752384St Georges C(14)AtSinclair C
4St Georges C(14)833287Sinclair C(8)AtSt Georges C
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges C(14)18164170Sinclair C(8)  
5Allscott Heath C(1)832392Madeley CC C(6)AtAllscott Heath C
5Madeley CC C(6)923291Allscott Heath C(1)AtMadeley CC C
Combined Result with handicapMadeley CC C(6)19064175Allscott Heath C(1)