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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Ray Leath Memorial Final Held on Sat 13th Oct

Final Round
1Greg Smith218Clay Flattley

Semi Round
1Clay Flattley2112Gordon Hawkins
2Greg Smith2112Keith Wall

Quarters Round
1Greg Smith219Callum Wraight
2Keith Wall2112Colin Beaman
3Gordon Hawkins2114Paul Lamb
4Clay Flattley2119Josh Hale

Round of 16 Round
1Callum Wraight2115Lee Kington
2Greg Smith2111Jamie Webb
3Colin Beaman2114Wayne Phillips
4Keith Wall2116Jack Whitehead
5Paul Lamb2117Jamie King
6Gordon Hawkins2119Jack Hill
7Josh Hale2118James Seville
8Clay Flattley2115Darren Plenderleith

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sat 25th Aug

Round 2
1Callum Wraight2118John Dewey
2Paul Lamb2113Paul Chamberlain
3Greg Smith2119Reece Farr
4Darren Plenderleith2118Nathan Dawes
Round 1
1Callum Wraight2117Sam Millward
2John Dewey2118Jordie Badderley
3Paul Lamb2114Nick Wyer
4Paul Chamberlain2117Tom Roden
5Reece Farr2118Matt Horton
6Greg Smith219Connor Chamberlain
7Nathan Dawes2113Mark Burdett
8Darren Plenderleith2111Darren Carter

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sat 25th Aug

Round 2
5Clay Flattley216Jamie Holdcroft
6Keith Wall2119Andy Duckett
7Colin Beaman219Steve Wallace
8Jack Hill2117Willie Jeynes
Round 1
9Jamie Holdcroft210Walkover
10Clay Flattley215Lee Hulse
11Keith Wall218Dave Clarke
12Andy Duckett2118Rich Dandy
13Steve Wallace2110Peter Farmer
14Colin Beaman219Nigel Egan
15Jack Hill2119Daniel Petcher
16Willie Jeynes2118Adam Walker

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Sat 8th Sep

Round 2
9Gordon Hawkins2110James Bracken
10Lee Kington219Gavin Dunkley
11Josh Hale2115Phil Cookson
12James Seville2115Chris Baker
Round 1
17James Bracken2120Kevin Handley
18Gordon Hawkins2117Elliot McGuinness
19Lee Kington2118Darrell Handley
20Gavin Dunkley2110Chris Ward
21Josh Hale2111Glyn Storer
22Phil Cookson2118Matt Higgins
23James Seville2118James Bracken
24Chris Baker2119Jason Groom

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sat 8th Sep

Round 2
13Jack Whitehead2119Dan Taylor
14Jamie King2110Aaron Tapper
15Jamie Webb2117Adam Patrick
16Wayne Phillips2110Adam Kirby
Round 1
25Dan Taylor2115Mick McGuinness
26Jack Whitehead2110Ben Mellor
27Aaron Tapper2117Ivan Smout
28Jamie King2116Andrew Saunders
29Jamie Webb2112Peter Bound
30Adam Patrick2118Stuart Rutter
31Wayne Phillips214Chris Marshman
32Adam Kirby216Phil Clinton