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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Wigan Subscription Classic Final Held on Sun 1st Jul

Final Round
1Wayne Ditchfield3119Simon Coupe

Semi Round
1Simon Coupe3118Chris Ward
2Wayne Ditchfield3110Mike Tunstall

Quarters Round
1Wayne Ditchfield3120Mike Beer
2Chris Ward3124Lee Heaton
3Simon Coupe3124David Molyneux
4Mike Tunstall3121Gary Ellis

Round of 16 Round
1Wayne Ditchfield3123Robert Hitchen
2Mike Beer3121Allan Broadhurst
3Lee Heaton3124Neil Slattery
4Chris Ward3122Duncan Watkins
5David Molyneux3127Harvey Birch
6Simon Coupe3123Chris Cooke
7Mike Tunstall3124David Higginbottom
8Gary Ellis3130James Martin

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sat 19th May

Round 2
1Gary Ellis3119Danny Ferris
2Mike Beer3128Chris Mordue
Round 1
1Danny Ferris3127Josh Mordue
2Gary Ellis3118Danny Sillitoe
3Mike Beer3122Danny Miller
4Chris Mordue3127Graeme Wilson

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sun 20th May

Round 2
3Chris Ward3126Darren Plenderleith
4Lee Heaton3123Josh Hale
Round 1
5Chris Ward3118Lee Johnstone
6Darren Plenderleith3115Jack Marrow
7Lee Heaton3119Ian Dennis
8Josh Hale3124Tommy Johnstone

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Sat 26th May

Round 2
5Wayne Ditchfield3116Craig Gant
6Neil Slattery3121Kevan Shaw
Round 1
9Wayne Ditchfield3122George Chadwick
10Craig Gant316Bill Griffiths
11Kevan Shaw3123Tony Gatley
12Neil Slattery3121Billy Simms

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sun 27th May

Round 2
7Simon Coupe3122Mick Prescott
8Robert Hitchen3119Danny Barwise
Round 1
13Simon Coupe3115Neil Jolley
14Mick Prescott3120Paul Winrow
15Danny Barwise3123Dave Jackson
16Robert Hitchen3122Neil Grant

Results from Qualifying Round 5 Played on Sat 2nd Jun

Round 2
9Duncan Watkins3121Callum Wraight
10James Martin3121Darren Allsopp
Round 1
17Duncan Watkins3119Tom Dennison
18Callum Wraight3125Steve Davies
19James Martin3129Glynn Crank
20Darren Allsopp3114Matt Gillies

Results from Qualifying Round 6 Played on Sun 3rd Jun

Round 2
11Mike Tunstall3129Chris Bly
12Allan Broadhurst3126Keith Robinson
Round 1
21Mike Tunstall3127Craig Gregson
22Chris Bly3129Aaron Harrison
23Keith Robinson3124Mike Leach
24Allan Broadhurst3116Ben Brooks

Results from Qualifying Round 7 Played on Sat 9th Jun

Round 2
13David Higginbottom3117Ian Grady
14David Molyneux3118Adie Cowley
Round 1
25David Higginbottom3126Ashley Daykin
26Ian Grady3128John Crossley
27David Molyneux3125Graham Law
28Adie Cowley3127Jack Dyson

Results from Qualifying Round 8 Played on Sun 10th Jun

Round 2
15Chris Cooke3121Ian Young
16Harvey Birch3121Dave McDermott
Round 1
29Ian Young3115Michael Heap
30Chris Cooke3119Mark Britton
31Harvey Birch3128John Brown
32Dave McDermott3129Nick Shaw