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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Meole Brace Open Final Held on Sun 1st Apr

Final Round
1Callum Wraight2115Leighton Roberts

Semi Round
1Callum Wraight2116Jamie Bramley
2Leighton Roberts219Glyn Herbert

Quarters Round
1Jamie Bramley2116Graeme Wilson
2Callum Wraight2118John Bailey
3Glyn Herbert218Aaron Tapper
4Leighton Roberts2119Darren Plenderleith

Round of 16 Round
1Jamie Bramley2114Craig Gant
2Graeme Wilson2118Greg Smith
3Callum Wraight2110Andy Thornton
4John Bailey2116Rob Fuller
5Glyn Herbert2120James Martin
6Aaron Tapper2114Sam Millward
7Leighton Roberts2117Mike Beer
8Darren Plenderleith2115Jack Whitehead

Round of 32 Round
1Jamie Bramley2117Glyn Storer
2Craig Gant2112Mark Taylor
3Greg Smith218Andrew Hughes
4Graeme Wilson2116Tom Palmer
5Callum Wraight2120Kevan Shaw
6Andy Thornton2115Keith Hatzer
7Rob Fuller2112Mike Dulson
8John Bailey2116Danny Barwise
9James Martin2119Ryan Walters
10Glyn Herbert218Kevin Handley
11Sam Millward2114Ashley Wellings
12Aaron Tapper2115Carl Fielding
13Leighton Roberts2114Kevin Handley
14Mike Beer218Len Lewis
15Jack Whitehead2119James Seville
16Darren Plenderleith2112Gareth Coates

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sat 17th Mar

Round 3
1John Bailey2112Derek Wright
2Jamie Bramley2120Clay Flatley
Round 2
1Derek Wright2111Paul Kissock
2John Bailey2116Ashley Tattersley
3Jamie Bramley218Paul Williams
4Clay Flatley2115Kirk Stevens
Round 1
1Paul Kissock210Walkover
2Derek Wright219Anthony Thompson
3John Bailey2119Steve Pratt
4Ashley Tattersley2115Nick Wyer
5Jamie Bramley2118Gary Whitehall
6Paul Williams217John McDonnell
7Kirk Stevens216Colin Conwy Jones
8Clay Flatley2111Nick Lewis

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sat 17th Mar

Round 3
3Andy Thornton2120Paul Evans
4Tom Palmer2114Dan Bodley
Round 2
5Andy Thornton2116Jon Palmer
6Paul Evans219Nigel Egan
7Tom Palmer218Reece Farr
8Dan Bodley2112Carl Hazelhurst
Round 1
9Andy Thornton210BYE
10Jon Palmer218Dave Watters
11Nigel Egan210Bye
12Paul Evans2111Mick Hodgkinson
13Tom Palmer2111Tony Cunningham
14Reece Farr210Walkover
15Dan Bodley216Darrell Handley
16Carl Hazelhurst215Matt Bates

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Sat 17th Mar

Round 3
5James Martin218Andrew Foster
6Leighton Roberts2118Peter Farmer
Round 2
9Andrew Foster2113Billy Thornton
10James Martin2117Graham Dulson
11Leighton Roberts2114Kiah Roberts
12Peter Farmer2111Connor Whitehall
Round 1
17Billy Thornton210Bye
18Andrew Foster2113Matt Gilmore
19Graham Dulson2115Gareth Hughes
20James Martin2116Will Tyler
21Kiah Roberts2110Jamies Brookes
22Leighton Roberts2113Michael McDonnell
23Peter Farmer2117Greg Fordham
24Connor Whitehall2114Carl Pemberton

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sat 17th Mar

Round 3
7Aaron Tapper2110Wayne Rogers
8Kevin Handley2116Rich Goddard
Round 2
13Aaron Tapper2120Simon Coupe
14Wayne Rogers2114Steven Bodley
15Kevin Handley2117Paul Leah
16Rich Goddard2113Scott Simpson
Round 1
25Simon Coupe2114Andy Duckett
26Aaron Tapper2114Thomas Lowndes
27Wayne Rogers210BYE
28Steven Bodley2111Simon Green
29Paul Leah210Walkover
30Kevin Handley2119Martin Lloyd
31Scott Simpson219Daniel Boyce
32Rich Goddard2120Steve Morrey

Results from Qualifying Round 5 Played on Sun 18th Mar

Round 3
9Kevan Shaw2116Tony Gill
10Danny Barwise218Jamie Dunn
Round 2
17Kevan Shaw2114Chris Baker
18Tony Gill218Sam Cartwright
19Jamie Dunn2114Michael Coupe
20Danny Barwise218Joleon Partridge
Round 1
33Chris Baker2120Andy Judson
34Kevan Shaw2113S Combellack
35Tony Gill2112Bryan Formstone
36Sam Cartwright2112Gerald Merry
37Jamie Dunn2113Wayne Phillips
38Michael Coupe2114James Cosgrave
39Joleon Partridge2114Josh Bradburn
40Danny Barwise2115Chris Jones

Results from Qualifying Round 6 Played on Sun 18th Mar

Round 3
11Sam Millward2114Jeremy Muff
12Jack Whitehead2120Rob Fitzpatrick
Round 2
21Sam Millward2110Andy Hartwell
22Jeremy Muff2114Stuart Clee
23Rob Fitzpatrick2112Dave Osw Edwards
24Jack Whitehead2111Nick Peters
Round 1
41Andy Hartwell2119Barrie Thomas
42Sam Millward219Keith Wall
43Jeremy Muff2117Craig Round
44Stuart Clee210Bye
45Dave Osw Edwards2110Robin Clarke
46Rob Fitzpatrick2117Martin Gaut
47Nick Peters2119Chris Brettell
48Jack Whitehead219Martin Green

Results from Qualifying Round 7 Played on Sun 18th Mar

Round 3
13Andrew Hughes219Nick Davies
14Rob Fuller2116Nigel Ferrington
Round 2
25Andrew Hughes2118Bill Kinchin
26Nick Davies2120Spencer Clarke
27Nigel Ferrington2118Mick Andrews
28Rob Fuller2117Charlie Weaver
Round 1
49Andrew Hughes2111Scott Thomas
50Bill Kinchin2113Ian Thomas
51Spencer Clarke2117Lee Kington
52Nick Davies2116Dave Rhodes
53Mick Andrews2120Alan Potter
54Nigel Ferrington2117Norman Harvey
55Rob Fuller210BYE
56Charlie Weaver2113Rich Lawson

Results from Qualifying Round 8 Played on Sun 18th Mar

Round 3
15Carl Fielding2114Mark Burdett
16Glyn Herbert2118Paul Lamb
Round 2
29Mark Burdett2120Liam Stevens
30Carl Fielding2116Ian Formstone
31Glyn Herbert2120David G Williams
32Paul Lamb2113Phil Lyttle
Round 1
57Liam Stevens2118Karl Jones
58Mark Burdett2115Chris Gill
59Carl Fielding2120Tom Roden
60Ian Formstone218Tony Stevens
61Glyn Herbert2116Jamie Jones
62David G Williams2118Ian Penzer
63Phil Lyttle2118Adam Weaver
64Paul Lamb2113Chris Barton

Results from Qualifying Round 9 Played on Sat 24th Mar

Round 3
17Graeme Wilson215Nathan Dawes
18Greg Smith214Tony Riley
Round 2
33Nathan Dawes2112Chris Mordue
34Graeme Wilson218Larry Wells
35Greg Smith2119Kevin Duncalf
36Tony Riley2111Jamie Wyer
Round 1
65Nathan Dawes215Jordan McDermott
66Chris Mordue2112Colin Peters
67Larry Wells219Alan Parsons
68Graeme Wilson2111Craig Bourbonneux
69Greg Smith212Chris Ward
70Kevin Duncalf2119Dave McDermott
71Tony Riley210Bye
72Jamie Wyer2117Glyn Cookson

Results from Qualifying Round 10 Played on Sat 24th Mar

Round 3
19Ryan Walters2113Tommy Johnstone
20Darren Plenderleith2112Paul Hemming
Round 2
37Ryan Walters2117Mick McGuinness
38Tommy Johnstone2112Lee Dale
39Darren Plenderleith2114Alf McDermott
40Paul Hemming213Simon Homer
Round 1
73Ryan Walters2113Josh Mordue
74Mick McGuinness2119Rob Swift
75Lee Dale210Bye
76Tommy Johnstone2112Ian MacDonald
77Darren Plenderleith216Rob Smith
78Alf McDermott210BYE
79Simon Homer216Martin McGuinness
80Paul Hemming2118A Hamman

Results from Qualifying Round 11 Played on Sat 24th Mar

Round 3
21Keith Hatzer2119Mark Parry
22Craig Gant2111Mark Furber
Round 2
41Keith Hatzer2112K Williamson
42Mark Parry2119Kevin Nicholas
43Craig Gant2119Paul Mackie
44Mark Furber2117Kieran Jones
Round 1
81K Williamson2110Rich Dandy
82Keith Hatzer210Bye
83Mark Parry2110Neil Boxall
84Kevin Nicholas2111Alan Bailey
85Craig Gant219Elliot McGuinness
86Paul Mackie2114Gavin Dunkley
87Mark Furber2111Ivan Smout
88Kieran Jones2119Dave Clarke

Results from Qualifying Round 12 Played on Sat 24th Mar

Round 3
23Gareth Coates219Joe Williamson
24James Seville2119Duncan Reeves
Round 2
45Gareth Coates218John Lloyd
46Joe Williamson217Cedric Bancroft
47James Seville2113John Parkinson
48Duncan Reeves2117B Furber
Round 1
89Gareth Coates2113Matt Higgins
90John Lloyd2113D OBrien
91Joe Williamson217Kevin Williams
92Cedric Bancroft2117Craig Ashley
93John Parkinson210Walkover
94James Seville210Walkover
95B Furber216Mark Kirkham
96Duncan Reeves219Roy Woolley

Results from Qualifying Round 13 Played on Sun 25th Mar

Round 3
25Mark Taylor2114Rob Pierce
26Callum Wraight213Jamie King
Round 2
49Rob Pierce217Jimmy Fagan
50Mark Taylor2115Matt Gillies
51Callum Wraight2110Scott Parry
52Jamie King2119Chris Talbot
Round 1
97Jimmy Fagan2120Ian Booth
98Rob Pierce2112Mark Shore
99Matt Gillies2116Duncan Pressley
100Mark Taylor2118Simon Lane
101Scott Parry210BYE
102Callum Wraight2111Russell Davies
103Chris Talbot2117Paul Beer
104Jamie King218Stuart Dodd

Results from Qualifying Round 14 Played on Sun 25th Mar

Round 3
27Mike Beer219Robert Hitchen
28Len Lewis2111Paul Fellows
Round 2
53Robert Hitchen2112Barry Booth
54Mike Beer2113John Crossley
55Len Lewis2117Peter Grimston
56Paul Fellows2120Dan Taylor
Round 1
105Robert Hitchen2118Andy Howie
106Barry Booth2114Emlyn Pierce
107John Crossley2113Stuart Rutter
108Mike Beer2118Aaron King
109Len Lewis2114Peter Nichols
110Peter Grimston2110Kevin Hanwell
111Dan Taylor2114Dave Bond
112Paul Fellows2112Adam Jones

Results from Qualifying Round 15 Played on Sun 25th Mar

Round 3
29Mike Dulson216Gary Beff
30Glyn Storer2112John Gatley
Round 2
57Gary Beff2118Daniel Nixon
58Mike Dulson2120Mark Winnington
59Glyn Storer2118Chris Brown
60John Gatley219Lee Brown
Round 1
113Daniel Nixon2118John Jones
114Gary Beff2115Kevin Boon
115Mark Winnington2120Adam Patrick
116Mike Dulson219Harry Walklett
117Chris Brown2120Tom Vickers
118Glyn Storer2116Chris McDonald
119John Gatley2120Josh Cotton
120Lee Brown2115Conall Redmond

Results from Qualifying Round 16 Played on Sun 25th Mar

Round 3
31Adam Jackson2113David Wright
32Ashley Wellings2117Gary Owen
Round 2
61David Wright2118Carl Armitage
62Adam Jackson2112Jimmy OBrien
63Ashley Wellings212Steve Wallace
64Gary Owen213Carl Preece
Round 1
121Carl Armitage2114Phil Cookson
122David Wright2114Steve Ellis
123Jimmy OBrien2112Fred Donaldson
124Adam Jackson2118Rob Jones
125Steve Wallace219Tom Boyd
126Ashley Wellings2117Tony Gatley
127Carl Preece2112Joe Tomkinson
128Gary Owen2115Paul Williams