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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Reg Miller Open Held on Sun 25th Mar

Final Round
1Gareth Coates2110Pete Varney

Semi Round
1Pete Varney2112Paul Lamb
2Gareth Coates2118Ryan Prosser

Quarters Round
1Paul Lamb2116Jack Whitehead
2Pete Varney2117Karl Shanks
3Ryan Prosser2110E Wallis (Derby)
4Gareth Coates2116Steve Pratt

Round of 16 Round
1Jack Whitehead2114Dave Edwards
2Paul Lamb218Jamie Dunn
3Pete Varney2118Dave Harvey
4Karl Shanks2111Connor Chamberlain
5Ryan Prosser213J Hill
6E Wallis (Derby)2116Dave Clarke
7Steve Pratt2119N Bromley
8Gareth Coates2116D Tring