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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Talbot Trophy Final Held on Thu 27th Sep

Final Round
1Owen Jackson2118Jack Dyson

Semi Round
1Jack Dyson2117Terry Glover
2Owen Jackson2114Mike Hill

Quarters Round
1Jack Dyson2117Sam Millward
2Terry Glover2117Glyn Storer
3Owen Jackson2111Robert Hitchen
4Mike Hill2119Andy Hamman

Round of 16 Round
1Sam Millward2114Tommy King
2Jack Dyson2117Mick Opie
3Glyn Storer2120Dave Bradford
4Terry Glover2114Tom Palmer
5Owen Jackson2114Larry Wells
6Robert Hitchen2116Gareth Coates
7Mike Hill2118Scott Simpson
8Andy Hamman2111Ryan Faulkner

Round of 32 Round
1Sam Millward2113Mike Geraghty
2Tommy King2111Phil McVittie
3Jack Dyson2117Danny Sillitoe
4Mick Opie2120David Scott
5Glyn Storer2115Adrian Hodgson
6Dave Bradford2120James Martin
7Terry Glover2113Billy Harding
8Tom Palmer2114Kevin Hocknull
9Owen Jackson2113Roy Moxham
10Larry Wells2118Josh Mordue
11Gareth Coates2113Michael Coupe
12Robert Hitchen2118Dave Worthington
13Scott Simpson2111Jim Seeley
14Mike Hill2110Chris Mordue
15Andy Hamman2118Mark Allman
16Ryan Faulkner2115Stan Billington

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Tue 17th Jul

Round 3
1Danny Sillitoe217Chris Goodhand
2Larry Wells2115Darren James
Round 2
1Chris Goodhand2120Matt Gatley
2Danny Sillitoe2117Bob Smith
3Larry Wells218Kieran OPrey
4Darren James216Tony Gatley
Round 1
1Matt Gatley2111Phil Elliott
2Chris Goodhand2111Graham Warrington
3Bob Smith210Walkover
4Danny Sillitoe2111D OBrien
5Kieran OPrey210Walkover
6Larry Wells210Walkover
7Tony Gatley2115David Kirby
8Darren James2115Paul Mackie

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Wed 18th Jul

Round 3
3Jim Seeley2115Gary Daw
4Gareth Coates2117Ray Goodhand
Round 2
5Gary Daw2112Darren Humphries
6Jim Seeley2119Neil Airey
7Gareth Coates2120Mick Prescott
8Ray Goodhand2112Peter Horton
Round 1
9Darren Humphries210Bye
10Gary Daw210Bye
11Jim Seeley210Bye
12Neil Airey210Walkover
13Mick Prescott2112Rob Swift
14Gareth Coates210BYE
15Peter Horton210Bye
16Ray Goodhand210Bye

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Thu 19th Jul

Round 3
5Michael Coupe2117Dave Moulton
6Stan Billington2112Steve Dagger
Round 2
9Michael Coupe2119Colin Newton
10Dave Moulton2120James Jones
11Stan Billington2113Miles Farrimond
12Steve Dagger2115John Foulds
Round 1
17Michael Coupe2119Damian Morrison
18Colin Newton210BYE
19James Jones2114Stuart Mort
20Dave Moulton210Bye
21Stan Billington210Bye
22Miles Farrimond2119Alec Heeps
23John Foulds218Alan Ward
24Steve Dagger210Bye

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Fri 20th Jul

Round 3
7Jack Dyson2119David Gwilliam
8Robert Hitchen2120Ben Gloag
Round 2
13Jack Dyson2118Chris Jolley
14David Gwilliam2112David Bilsborrow
15Robert Hitchen2110Josh Iddon
16Ben Gloag2112Ian Wagstaff
Round 1
25Chris Jolley2116Andy Bassett
26Jack Dyson210BYE
27David Bilsborrow210Bye
28David Gwilliam2118Mike Spencer
29Josh Iddon210Bye
30Robert Hitchen210BYE
31Ian Wagstaff210Bye
32Ben Gloag210BYE

Results from Qualifying Round 5 Played on Tue 24th Jul

Round 3
9Mike Hill2116George Curran
10Roy Moxham2112Greg Smith
Round 2
17Mike Hill2117Chris Baker
18George Curran2116Chris Watts
19Roy Moxham2114Paul Walley
20Greg Smith2114Andrew Lund
Round 1
33Mike Hill2115Stu Gall
34Chris Baker2118Jason Jones
35George Curran210Bye
36Chris Watts2110Paul Heap
37Paul Walley2118Danny Parkinson
38Roy Moxham219Matt Higgins
39Greg Smith2117Craig Melling
40Andrew Lund2116Lee Schofield

Results from Qualifying Round 6 Played on Wed 25th Jul

Round 3
11Tommy King210Qualifier Unknown
12David Scott210Qualifier Unknown
Round 2
21Tommy King210Qualifier Unknown
22Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
23Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
24David Scott210Qualifier Unknown
Round 1
41Tommy King210Qualifier Unknown
42Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
43Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
44Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
45Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
46Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
47Qualifier Unknown210Qualifier Unknown
48David Scott210Qualifier Unknown

Results from Qualifying Round 7 Played on Thu 26th Jul

Round 3
13Scott Simpson219Paul Leah
14Sam Millward2113Lee Burdett
Round 2
25Paul Leah219David Lloyd
26Scott Simpson219Barry Simm
27Sam Millward2119Craig Gant
28Lee Burdett2120Paul Evans
Round 1
49David Lloyd219Harry Chapman
50Paul Leah210Walkover
51Barry Simm2120Duncan Reeves
52Scott Simpson2116Paul Hillam
53Sam Millward2116Mark Sutton
54Craig Gant2116Simon Coupe
55Lee Burdett2118Bill McLellan
56Paul Evans2115Noel Burrows

Results from Qualifying Round 8 Played on Fri 27th Jul

Round 3
15Dave Bradford2118Callum Mitchell
16James Martin2120John Kennish
Round 2
29Dave Bradford219Darren Naylor
30Callum Mitchell2120Mark Parry
31John Kennish2116Dave Kent
32James Martin2120David Wright
Round 1
57Dave Bradford218Darren Wardle
58Darren Naylor2116Ashley Tattersley
59Mark Parry2118J Hynes
60Callum Mitchell2120Tommy Johnstone
61Dave Kent2115Kevin Williams
62John Kennish2111Darrell Handley
63David Wright2118Ivan Smout
64James Martin2115Mike Brennan

Results from Qualifying Round 9 Played on Tue 31st Jul

Round 3
17Mike Geraghty217Neil Bennett
18Glyn Storer2114Alan Foulds
Round 2
33Neil Bennett219Kevin Handley
34Mike Geraghty2115Paul Rennie
35Alan Foulds2115Danny Ferris
36Glyn Storer2110Shawn Frewin
Round 1
65Kevin Handley2115Bill Burlinson
66Neil Bennett2114Martin Steele
67Mike Geraghty2118Andy Delooze
68Paul Rennie2116Paul Turner
69Danny Ferris2116David Austin
70Alan Foulds2118John Riley
71Glyn Storer2110Andy Pearson
72Shawn Frewin2118Kevin Wainwright

Results from Qualifying Round 10 Played on Wed 1st Aug

Round 3
19Tom Palmer2115Craig Newton
20Andy Hamman2120Paul Williams
Round 2
37Tom Palmer2111Adam Dickerson
38Craig Newton2114Jon Palmer
39Andy Hamman2113Mark Britton
40Paul Williams2117Matt Gillies
Round 1
73Adam Dickerson2115Kevin Duncalf
74Tom Palmer2119John Crossley
75Craig Newton2119Bill Heffernan
76Jon Palmer2119Stuart Hodson
77Andy Hamman2120Chris Ward
78Mark Britton2120Mike Beer
79Matt Gillies2119Colin Crawford
80Paul Williams219Paul Clegg

Results from Qualifying Round 11 Played on Thu 2nd Aug

Round 3
21Josh Mordue2120Joe Cranston
22Chris Mordue2112Mark Audin
Round 2
41Joe Cranston2120Peter Hawkes
42Josh Mordue2114Simon Thistlewaite
43Mark Audin2115Nick Hopwood
44Chris Mordue2110Mark Holden
Round 1
81Joe Cranston210Bye
82Peter Hawkes218John Welham
83Simon Thistlewaite210Walkover
84Josh Mordue218Rob Govan
85Mark Audin2116Mark Gregson
86Nick Hopwood2119Vinny ODonnell
87Mark Holden210Walkover
88Chris Mordue2111Dave McDermott

Results from Qualifying Round 12 Played on Fri 3rd Aug

Round 3
23Billy Harding219Lee Hammond
24Adrian Hodgson2114Lee Casey
Round 2
45Lee Hammond2113Antony Rukin
46Billy Harding2116Paddy McGuinness
47Lee Casey2114Martyn Watkin
48Adrian Hodgson2118Andrew Hughes
Round 1
89Antony Rukin2114Luke Fagan
90Lee Hammond2118John Gatley
91Billy Harding2116Mike Jackson
92Paddy McGuinness2119Stephen Leach
93Martyn Watkin2118Chris Bly
94Lee Casey2110Mark Street
95Adrian Hodgson2120Paul Dudley
96Andrew Hughes218D Lee

Results from Qualifying Round 13 Played on Tue 7th Aug

Round 3
25Owen Jackson2115Graeme Wilson
26Phil McVittie2118Mike Leach
Round 2
49Owen Jackson210Walkover
50Graeme Wilson215Neil Slattery
51Phil McVittie210Walkover
52Mike Leach219John Patterson
Round 1
97Owen Jackson2119Paul Dale
99Neil Slattery2117Rob Turcsanyi
100Graeme Wilson2113Andy Milsom
101Phil McVittie2111Lee Dale
103John Patterson2120Callum Wraight
104Mike Leach2112Daniel Petcher

Results from Qualifying Round 14 Played on Wed 8th Aug

Round 3
27Mark Allman2113John Wilson
28Terry Glover2120David Walker
Round 2
53Mark Allman2111Terry Wood
54John Wilson2114Dave Hourihan
55David Walker2116Tommy Kitchen
56Terry Glover2119Glyn Cookson
Round 1
105Mark Allman2113Steve Morrey
106Terry Wood2116Jason Finney
107Dave Hourihan2118Matt Barnett
108John Wilson2110Ian France
109David Walker2117Harvey Birch
110Tommy Kitchen2113Dave Barnett
111Terry Glover2115Paul Hawker
112Glyn Cookson2112Adam Wider

Results from Qualifying Round 15 Played on Thu 9th Aug

Round 3
29Dave Worthington2120Colin Kelly
30Ryan Faulkner2111Jack Clayton
Round 2
57Colin Kelly2116Tony Stevens
58Dave Worthington2115Steve Harrison
59Ryan Faulkner2116Phil Kennish
60Jack Clayton2114Kevin Boon
Round 1
113Colin Kelly2117Gareth Lally
114Tony Stevens2117Rich Goddard
115Steve Harrison2115Neil Withers
116Dave Worthington2110Chris Firth
117Phil Kennish2119Kieren Smith
118Ryan Faulkner210Walkover
119Kevin Boon2111Andy Fleming
120Jack Clayton2112Tom Kelly

Results from Qualifying Round 16 Played on Fri 10th Aug

Round 3
31Kevin Hocknull2114Stevie Kelly
32Mick Opie2120Nick Wyer
Round 2
61Stevie Kelly2118Andy Thornton
62Kevin Hocknull2117Nathan Dawes
63Nick Wyer2117Dave Kelly
64Mick Opie2117Dave Watters
Round 1
121Stevie Kelly2115Dan Bodley
122Andy Thornton2115Steve Anderton
123Nathan Dawes2116Mark Johnson
124Kevin Hocknull2115Brian Kelly
125Dave Kelly2118Steven Bodley
126Nick Wyer2119Billy Thornton
127Dave Watters2118Colin Scorah
128Mick Opie2116Mark Kneen