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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Rastrick Classic Final Held on Sun 23rd Sep

Final Round
1Graeme Wilson2115Chris Kelly

Semi Round
1Chris Kelly2114James Davison
2Graeme Wilson2116Steve Gilroy

Quarters Round
1James Davison2112Paul Latham
2Chris Kelly2112Callum Wraight
3Steve Gilroy2119Jack Hargreaves
4Graeme Wilson2119Gareth Coates

Round of 16 Round
1James Davison2120Mark Regan
2Paul Latham2120Ashley Daykin
3Callum Wraight2114Ashley Tattersley
4Chris Kelly2117Craig Gant
5Jack Hargreaves2116Darren Griffiths
6Steve Gilroy2111Aaron Harrison
7Gareth Coates2112Liam Griffin
8Graeme Wilson218Joe Cranston

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sun 9th Sep

Round 2
1Chris Kelly219David Scott
2Steve Gilroy2119Danny Radcliffe
3Aaron Harrison211Ryan Clarke
4Mark Regan217Andrew Sykes
Round 1
1Chris Kelly210Walkover
2David Scott2112Simon Coupe
3Steve Gilroy2114Roger Crowther
4Danny Radcliffe2118Robert Hitchen
5Aaron Harrison211Stuart Mort
6Ryan Clarke2119Neil Slattery
7Andrew Sykes2114Michael Sweeney
8Mark Regan215Graham Hickey

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sun 9th Sep

Round 2
5Callum Wraight215Nick White
6Ashley Tattersley219Andy Walker
7James Davison216Colin Scorah
8Ashley Daykin2112Paul Mottram
Round 1
9Nick White213Michael Coupe
10Callum Wraight2114Andy Webb
11Andy Walker2112Andy Thornton
12Ashley Tattersley217Ben Stapleton
13Colin Scorah2113Mark Johnson
14James Davison2114Ian Booth
15Paul Mottram2120Billy Thornton
16Ashley Daykin218Gary Smith

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Sun 16th Sep

Round 2
9Liam Griffin2116Mark Allman
10Graeme Wilson213Thomas Hanson
11Jack Hargreaves2114James Hanson
12Paul Latham2113Craig Newton
Round 1
17Mark Allman2115Josh Mordue
18Liam Griffin2115Ben Gloag
19Thomas Hanson2115Jack Dyson
20Graeme Wilson2116Tommy Johnstone
21Jack Hargreaves2116Nigel Bloomer
22James Hanson218Graham Hirst
23Paul Latham2116David Gwilliam
24Craig Newton215Glen Smith

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sun 16th Sep

Round 2
13Craig Gant2112Andy Limbert
14Darren Griffiths2118James Martin
15Gareth Coates2120Wayne Ditchfield
16Joe Cranston2119Scott Fisher
Round 1
25Craig Gant2116Glyn Storer
26Andy Limbert2115Mark Johnson
27James Martin2117Chris Mordue
28Darren Griffiths216Ernie Wearing
29Gareth Coates219Kieren Smith
30Wayne Ditchfield2110Chris Brown
31Scott Fisher2120Neil Grant
32Joe Cranston2115Paul Burke