Shrewsbury Senior Citizens Bowling League 2017


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Final Round Held on Mon Sep 11th 2017
1Pontesbury A10787Craven ArmsAtSevernside 1
Semi Final Round Held on Mon Aug 21st 2017
1Pontesbury A107102Bayston Hill AAtDorrington
2Telepost96114Craven ArmsAtDorrington
Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before Mon Jul 24th 2017
1Severnside A98114Pontesbury AAtSevernside 2
2Wem Albion A112103Bayston Hill AAtWem
3Telepost11185Oxon AAtTelepost
4Craven Arms11282LlanymynechAtCraven Arms
Second Round Round must be played on or before Mon Jun 26th 2017
1Severnside A9882Old Shrewsbury AAtSevernside 2
2Albert Road A91123Pontesbury AAtAlbert Road
3Pontesbury B79117Bayston Hill AAtPontesbury 1
4Wem Albion A113101Meole Brace AAtWem
5Meole Brace B9797Oxon AAtMeole 2
6Telepost125101Oswestry Church AtTelepost
7Craven Arms1260UnisonAtCraven Arms
8Llanymynech11781Meole Brace FAtLlanymynech