Norley Bowling League 2017

Coronation Cup

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Final Round Held on Wed Sep 27th 2017
1Castle S&SC A(2)203199Manley(65)AtComberbach
Semi Final Round Held on Thu Aug 17th 2017
1Manley(65)269242Hartford A(98)AtCuddington
2Castle S&SC A(2)185153Comberbach A(6)AtWinsford C&c
Quarter Final Round Held on Thu Jul 27th 2017
1Manley(65)261239Lions Over Park B(94)AtMiddlewich Rbl
2Hartford A(98)278247Castle S&SC D(66)AtWharton Cons
3Castle S&SC A(2)202176Meadowbank A(16)AtKelsall
4Comberbach A(6)203169Wharton Cons AAtOwley Wood No 1
Second Round Round must be played on or before Thu Jun 1st 2017
1Lions Over Park B(94)244218Comberbach B(20)AtNorley
2Manley(65)223206Owley Wood A(18)AtHartford
3Hartford A(98)269256Bunbury A(74)AtLions Over Park No1
4Castle S&SC D(66)264223Owley Wood D(80)AtWinnington Park No2
5Meadowbank A(16)216208Alpraham A(96)AtMiddlewich Rbl
6Castle S&SC A(2)183173Rudheath S&SC (4)AtWinsford C&c
7Wharton Cons A208169Norley(87)AtBarnton Cc
8Comberbach A(6)203137Davenham Rec A(32)AtOwley Wood No 2
First Round Round must be played on or before Thu May 4th 2017
1Comberbach B(20)226199Winnington Park B(64)AtBarnton Cc
2Lions Over Park B(94)270192Lions Over Park A(64)AtDavenham
3Manley(65)237209Hazel Pear(28)AtWharton Rec
4Owley Wood A(18)228218Tarporley B(102)AtNorley
5Bunbury A(74)249244Winsford C&C B(50)AtMoulton Rbl
6Hartford A(98)299233Owley Wood B(88)AtMeadowbank
7Castle S&SC D(66)250214Winnington Park A(54)AtWharton Cons
8Owley Wood D(80)260258Nantwich Barony Park(86)AtTarporley BC
9Meadowbank A(16)212208Wharton Rec A(47)AtWinnington Park No 1
10Alpraham A(96)265243Tarporley A(48)AtBunbury
11Castle S&SC A(2)207192Winnington Park C(94)AtHartford
12Rudheath S&SC (4)2100ByeAtTBA
13Wharton Cons A210135Moulton RBL A(30)AtCuddington
14Norley(87)245241Kelsall A(46)AtOwley Wood No 2
15Davenham Rec A(32)237221Coppenhall B(98)AtMiddlewich Rbl
16Comberbach A(6)216179Owley Wood C(94)AtWinnington Park No2
Preliminary Round Round must be played on or before Wed Apr 5th 2017
1Winnington Park B(64)274240Tarvin B(104)AtCuddington
2Comberbach B(20)212199Gt Budworth(43)AtWinnington Park No 1
3Lions Over Park B(94)239217Barnton CC A(22)AtDavenham
4Lions Over Park A(64)251223Moulton RBL B(68)AtLostock Graylams
5Hazel Pear(28)232186Delamere(87)AtWinnington Park No2
6Manley(65)239231Castle S&SC C(76)AtCrowton Vh
7Owley Wood A(18)228211Davenham Rec B(76)AtMeadowbank
8Tarporley B(102)273263Hartford B(102)AtDelamere
9Bunbury A(74)250213Winsford C&C A(24)AtKelsall
10Winsford C&C B(50)260211Bunbury B(108)AtHartford
11Owley Wood B(88)260221Overton Mem Hall(36)AtManley
12Hartford A(98)30844Bye(44)AtMiddlewich Com Ch
13Castle S&SC D(66)249212Tarvin A(40)AtLions Over Park No1
14Winnington Park A(54)229217Lostock Gralams(56)AtMoulton Rbl
15Owley Wood D(80)2100ByeAtN/A
16Nantwich Barony Park(86)242204Wharton Cons B(10)AtMiddlewich Rbl
17Meadowbank A(16)217195Alpraham B(96)AtTarvin
18Wharton Rec A(47)195190Hop Pole(8)AtCoppenhall
19Tarporley A(48)2580ByeAtN/A
20Alpraham A(96)279247Spinner & Bergamot B(104)AtWinsford C&c
21Castle S&SC A(2)2120ByeAtN/A
22Winnington Park C(94)2100ByeAtN/A
23Middlewich RBL A(14)2100ByeAtN/A
24Rudheath S&SC (4)214185Middlewich Com Ch(72)AtN/A
25Moulton RBL A(30)240100Wharton Rec B(100)AtLostock
26Wharton Cons A198184Lostock(100)AtSpinner & Bergamot
27Kelsall A(46)2560ByeAtN/A
29Coppenhall B(98)249236Castle S&SC B(38)AtBunbury
30Bye(80)  Davenham Rec A(32)AtN/A
31Owley Wood C(94)230227Spinner & Bergamot A(34)AtComberbach
32Comberbach A(6)209183Barnton CC B(80)AtGt Budworth