Ashton cup

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Second Round Held on 28/06/17
1St Georges C(9)  Madeley CC C(3)AtSt Georges C
1Madeley CC C(3)  St Georges C(9)AtMadeley CC C
2Horsehay C(2)  Worfield A(4)AtHorsehay C
2Worfield A(4)  Horsehay C(2)AtWorfield A
3Donn Wood C(1)  Charlton B(10)AtDonn Wood C
3Charlton B(10)  Donn Wood C(1)AtCharlton B
4Wrock Wood C(5)  Wrock Wood D(32)AtWrock Wood C
4Wrock Wood D(32)  Wrock Wood C(5)AtWrock Wood D

First Round Held on 19/04/17
1Bowring C(13)7687St Georges C(9)AtBowring C
1St Georges C(9)8180Bowring C(13)AtSt Georges C
Combined Result with handicapSt Georges C(9)177169Bowring C(13)  
2Sinclair D(25)62105Madeley CC C(3)AtSinclair D
2Madeley CC C(3)9373Sinclair D(25)AtMadeley CC C
Combined Result with handicapMadeley CC C(3)201160Sinclair D(25)  
3Horsehay C(2)9274Sinclair C(7)AtHorsehay C
3Sinclair C(7)66100Horsehay C(2)AtSinclair C
Combined Result with handicapHorsehay C(2)194147Sinclair C(7)  
4Worfield A(4)10383SJ Bayley D(29)AtWorfield A
4SJ Bayley D(29)5793Worfield A(4)AtSJ Bayley D
Combined Result with handicapWorfield A(4)200169SJ Bayley D(29)  
5Donn Wood C(1)9187SJ Bayley C(12)AtDonn Wood C
5SJ Bayley C(12)5794Donn Wood C(1)AtSJ Bayley C
Combined Result with handicapDonn Wood C(1)186156SJ Bayley C(12)  
6Trench C(23)9296Charlton B(10)AtTrench C
6Charlton B(10)10168Trench C(23)AtCharlton B
Combined Result with handicapCharlton B(10)207183Trench C(23)  
7Wrock Wood C(5)10463Highley B(17)AtWrock Wood C
7Highley B(17)64103Wrock Wood C(5)AtHighley B
Combined Result with handicapWrock Wood C(5)212144Highley B(17)  
8Wrock Wood D(32)76102Allscott CAtWrock Wood D
8Allscott C8992Wrock Wood D(32)AtAllscott C
Combined Result with handicapWrock Wood D(32)200191Allscott C  

Preliminary Round Held on 19/04/17
1Bowring C(13)9779Albrighton B(22)AtBowring C
1Albrighton B(22)8576Bowring C(13)AtAlbrighton B
Combined Result with handicapAlbrighton B(22)186186Bowring C(13)