North Wales Coastal Bowling League 2016

May Ashenden Trophy

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Final Round Held on 12/08/16
1Colwyn Bay Legion(30)22782208Beaumaris B(78)AtConwy

Semi Final Round Round must be played on or before 22/07/16
1Colwyn Bay Legion(30)883278Min Y DonAtColwyn Bay Legion
1Min Y Don954174Colwyn Bay Legion(30)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(30)19246173Min Y Don  
2Beaumaris B(78)984154Conwy B(45)AtBeaumaris B
2Conwy B(45)823273Beaumaris B(78)AtConwy B
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris B(78)24964181Conwy B(45)  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 01/07/16
1Beaumaris A(18)953281Colwyn Bay Legion(30)AtBeaumaris A
1Colwyn Bay Legion(30)1014159Beaumaris A(18)AtColwyn Bay Legion
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(30)21264172Beaumaris A(18)  
2Caernarfon(36)561489Min Y DonAtCaernarfon
2Min Y Don1055045Caernarfon(36)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don19491137Caernarfon(36)  
3Beaumaris B(78)1024176Prestatyn Highbury(60)AtBeaumaris B
3Prestatyn Highbury(60)802377Beaumaris B(78)AtPrestatyn Highbury
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris B(78)25773216Prestatyn Highbury(60)  
4Llanfairpg(30)853276Conwy B(45)AtLlanfairpg
4Conwy B(45)893280Llanfairpg(30)AtConwy B
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(45)21055195Llanfairpg(30)  

First Round Round must be played on or before 17/06/16
1Beaumaris A(18)863287Rhos Park B(30)AtBeaumaris A
1Rhos Park B(30)621495Beaumaris A(18)AtRhos Park B
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris A(18)19973179Rhos Park B(30)  
2Rhos Park A(3)7814101Colwyn Bay Legion(30)AtRhos Park A
2Colwyn Bay Legion(30)933286Rhos Park A(3)AtColwyn Bay Legion
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(30)22473167Rhos Park A(3)  
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(36)22982185Bethesda(54)  
4Penrhyn New Hall A(54)792387Min Y DonAtPenrhyn New Hall A
4Min Y Don1055051Penrhyn New Hall A(54)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don19282184Penrhyn New Hall A(54)  
5St Asaph A(24)005105Beaumaris B(78)AtSt Asaph A
5Beaumaris B(78)105500St Asaph A(24)AtBeaumaris B
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris B(78)28810024St Asaph A(24)  
6Prestatyn Highbury(60)105500Holyhead(63)AtPrestatyn Highbury
6Holyhead(63)005105Prestatyn Highbury(60)AtHolyhead
Combined Result with handicapPrestatyn Highbury(60)27010063Holyhead(63)  
7Llanfairpg(30)1055048Grove Park(87)AtLlanfairpg
7Grove Park(87)3005105Llanfairpg(30)AtGrove Park
Combined Result with handicapLlanfairpg(30)240100165Grove Park(87)  
8Conwy B(45)974156Vardre A(66)AtConwy B
8Vardre A(66)5405105Conwy B(45)AtVardre A
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(45)24791176Vardre A(66)  

Preliminary Round Round must be played on or before 27/05/16
1Craig Y Don(39)803285Beaumaris A(18)AtCraig Y Don
1Beaumaris A(18)943267Craig Y Don(39)AtBeaumaris A
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris A(18)19755186Craig Y Don(39)  
2Rhos Park B(30)1055063Benllech(48)AtRhos Park B
2Benllech(48)8823101Rhos Park B(30)AtBenllech
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park B(30)23682199Benllech(48)  
3Rhos Park A(3)974164Sunny Rhyl(75)AtRhos Park A
3Sunny Rhyl(75)5714100Rhos Park A(3)AtSunny Rhyl
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park A(3)20082196Sunny Rhyl(75)  
4Colwyn Bay Legion(30)1004153Eirias Park(54)AtColwyn Bay Legion
4Eirias Park(54)732396Colwyn Bay Legion(30)AtEirias Park
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Legion(30)22673180Eirias Park(54)  
5Bethesda(54)974169Llanrwst A(9)AtBethesda
5Llanrwst A(9)1044174Bethesda(54)AtLlanrwst A
Combined Result with handicapBethesda(54)22555182Llanrwst A(9)  
6Penrhyn New Hall B(99)5205105Caernarfon(36)AtPenrhyn New Hall B
6Caernarfon(36)1055034Penrhyn New Hall B(99)AtCaernarfon
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(36)246100185Penrhyn New Hall B(99)  
7Penrhyn New Hall A(54)882390Conwy AAtPenrhyn New Hall A
7Conwy A1004150Penrhyn New Hall A(54)AtConwy A
Combined Result with handicapPenrhyn New Hall A(54)19237190Conwy A