Northfield & District Bowling League 2016

Sid Stephens Rose Bowl

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Final Round Held on 14/09/16
1White Hart A(+12)    WCWMC BAtWhite Hart A
1WCWMC B    White Hart A(+12)AtWCWMC B

Semi Final Round Held on 28/08/16
1Warstock A(+12)722266White Hart A(+12)AtWarstock A
1White Hart A(+12)803166Warstock A(+12)AtWhite Hart A
Combined Result with handicapWhite Hart A(+12)15853150Warstock A(+12)  
2WCWMC B783169Rubery Sheldon JC(+12)AtWCWMC B
2Rubery Sheldon JC(+12)672271WCWMC BAtRubery Sheldon JC
Combined Result with handicapWCWMC B14953148Rubery Sheldon JC(+12)  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 17/07/16
1Kings Norton Exs844061Warstock A(+12)AtKings Norton Exs
1Warstock A(+12)844062Kings Norton ExsAtWarstock A
Combined Result with handicapWarstock A(+12)15744146Kings Norton Exs  
2Black Horse B(+36)510484White Hart A(+12)AtBlack Horse B
2White Hart A(+12)763155Black Horse B(+36)AtWhite Hart A
Combined Result with handicapWhite Hart A(+12)17271142Black Horse B(+36)  
3Bye    WCWMC BAtBye
4Royal Austin BL B(+24)622269Rubery Sheldon JC(+12)AtRoyal Austin BL B
4Rubery Sheldon JC(+12)844044Royal Austin BL B(+24)AtRubery Sheldon JC
Combined Result with handicapRubery Sheldon JC(+12)16562130Royal Austin BL B(+24)  

First Round Held on 12/06/16
1Kings Norton Exs    Black Horse A(+24)AtKings Norton Exs
1Black Horse A(+24)    Kings Norton ExsAtBlack Horse A
2Bye    Warstock A(+12)AtBye
2Warstock A(+12)    ByeAtWarstock A
3Black Horse B(+36)823151Hall Green B(+36)AtBlack Horse B
3Hall Green B(+36)601383Black Horse B(+36)AtHall Green B
Combined Result with handicapBlack Horse B(+36)20162147Hall Green B(+36)  
4White Hart A(+12)763144British Oak B(+36)AtWhite Hart A
4British Oak B(+36)390484White Hart A(+12)AtBritish Oak B
Combined Result with handicapWhite Hart A(+12)17271119British Oak B(+36)  
5WCWMC B813150Colebrook B(+36)AtWCWMC B
5Colebrook B(+36)652274WCWMC BAtColebrook B
Combined Result with handicapWCWMC B15553151Colebrook B(+36)  
6Wythall CA A(+12)    Selly Park B(+36)AtWythall CA A
6Selly Park B(+36)    Wythall CA A(+12)AtSelly Park B
7Bye    Royal Austin BL B(+24)AtBye
7Royal Austin BL B(+24)    ByeAtRoyal Austin BL B
8Alcester(+24)772270Rubery Sheldon JC(+12)AtAlcester
8Rubery Sheldon JC(+12)743150Alcester(+24)AtRubery Sheldon JC
Combined Result with handicapRubery Sheldon JC(+12)15653151Alcester(+24)