North Wales Coastal Bowling League 2015

May Ashenden Trophy

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Final Round Held on 14/08/15
1Min Y Don(57)267135BethesdaAtBeaumaris

Semi Final Round Held on 24/07/15
1Min Y Don(78)10549Penrhyn New Hall AAtMin Y Don
1Penrhyn New Hall A67102Min Y Don(78)AtPenrhyn New Hall A
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don(78)285116Penrhyn New Hall A  
2Bethesda(46)9982Conwy BAtBethesda
2Conwy B10379Bethesda(46)AtConwy B
Combined Result with handicapBethesda(46)224185Conwy B  

Quarter Final Round Held on 03/07/15
1Rhos Park A(10)9296Min Y DonAtRhos Park A
1Min Y Don9285Rhos Park A(10)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don188187Rhos Park A(10)  
2Caernarfon(78)10554Penrhyn New Hall AAtCaernarfon
2Penrhyn New Hall A9590Caernarfon(78)AtPenrhyn New Hall A
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(78)273149Penrhyn New Hall A  
Combined Result with handicapLlanfairpg(57)239153Bethesda  
4Conwy B(84)10556Grove ParkAtConwy B
4Grove Park9992Conwy B(84)AtGrove Park
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(84)281155Grove Park  

First Round Held on 19/06/15
1Colwyn Bay Rbl(3)8494Rhos Park AAtColwyn Bay Rbl
1Rhos Park A9668Colwyn Bay Rbl(3)AtRhos Park A
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park A190155Colwyn Bay Rbl(3)  
2Benllech(10)7189Min Y DonAtBenllech
2Min Y Don10577Benllech(10)AtMin Y Don
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don194158Benllech(10)  
3Conwy A(30)10260CaernarfonAtConwy A
3Caernarfon10563Conwy A(30)AtCaernarfon
Combined Result with handicapConwy A(30)195165Caernarfon  
4Prestatyn Highbury(78)9297Penrhyn New Hall AAtPrestatyn Highbury
4Penrhyn New Hall A8886Prestatyn Highbury(78)AtPenrhyn New Hall A
Combined Result with handicapPrestatyn Highbury(78)256185Penrhyn New Hall A  
Combined Result with handicapLlanfairpg(53)241152Holyhead  
6Bethesda(96)10554Penrhyn New Hall BAtBethesda
6Penrhyn New Hall B8589Bethesda(96)AtPenrhyn New Hall B
Combined Result with handicapBethesda(96)290139Penrhyn New Hall B  
7Conwy B(69)10540Beaumaris BAtConwy B
7Beaumaris B10564Conwy B(69)AtBeaumaris B
Combined Result with handicapConwy B(69)238145Beaumaris B  
8Beaumaris A(84)9665Grove ParkAtBeaumaris A
8Grove Park78101Beaumaris A(84)AtGrove Park
Combined Result with handicapBeaumaris A(84)281143Grove Park  

Preliminary Round Held on 29/05/15
1Colwyn Bay Rbl(39)8789Craig Y DonAtColwyn Bay Rbl
1Craig Y Don8496Colwyn Bay Rbl(39)AtCraig Y Don
Combined Result with handicapColwyn Bay Rbl(39)222173Craig Y Don  
2Rhos Park A(32)9954Rhos Park BAtRhos Park A
2Rhos Park B8198Rhos Park A(32)AtRhos Park B
Combined Result with handicapRhos Park A(32)229135Rhos Park B  
3Benllech(77)10564Sunny RhylAtBenllech
3Sunny Rhyl83102Benllech(77)AtSunny Rhyl
Combined Result with handicapBenllech(77)284147Sunny Rhyl  
4Min Y Don(53)10556Eirias ParkAtMin Y Don
4Eirias Park6799Min Y Don(53)AtEirias Park
Combined Result with handicapMin Y Don(53)257123Eirias Park  
5Conwy A(8)10077St Asaph AAtConwy A
5St Asaph A8787Conwy A(8)AtSt Asaph A
Combined Result with handicapConwy A(8)195164St Asaph A  
Combined Result with handicapCaernarfon(31)211148Abergele  
7Vardre A(66)10277Prestatyn HighburyAtVardre A
7Prestatyn Highbury9969Vardre A(66)AtPrestatyn Highbury
Combined Result with handicapVardre A(66)237176Prestatyn Highbury  
8Penrhyn New Hall A(14)10572Llanrwst AAtPenrhyn New Hall A
8Llanrwst A10547Penrhyn New Hall A(14)AtLlanrwst A
Combined Result with handicapLlanrwst A177166Penrhyn New Hall A(14)