Wem Bowling League 2018

The Knockout

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Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 26/08/18
1Abbey A    St GeorgesAtAbbey A
1St Georges    Abbey AAtSt Georges
2Castlefields A    DistrictAtCastlefields A
2District    Castlefields AAtDistrict
3Hanwood A    Baschurch AAtHanwood A
3Baschurch A    Hanwood AAtBaschurch A
4Newport B    Sir John BayleyAtNewport B
4Sir John Bayley    Newport BAtSir John Bayley

First Round Round must be played on or before 17/06/18
1Castlefields A1004149Osbc AAtCastlefields A
1Osbc A652386Castlefields AAtOsbc A
Combined ResultCastlefields A18673114Osbc A  
2Abbey A914172Castlefields BAtAbbey A
2Castlefields B723274Abbey AAtCastlefields B
Combined ResultAbbey A16564144Castlefields B  
3Hanwood A993280Meole Brace AAtHanwood A
3Meole Brace A1034191Hanwood AAtMeole Brace A
Combined ResultHanwood A19046183Meole Brace A  
4Newport B    Atcham AAtNewport B
4Atcham A    Newport BAtAtcham A
Combined ResultDistrict19673135Hadnall  
6Sir John Bayley    TelepostAtSir John Bayley
6Telepost    Sir John BayleyAtTelepost
7Atcham B7705105Baschurch AAtAtcham B
7Baschurch A1044175Atcham BAtBaschurch A
Combined ResultBaschurch A20991152Atcham B  
8Prince Hotel A923287St GeorgesAtPrince Hotel A
8St Georges1055052Prince Hotel AAtSt Georges
Combined ResultSt Georges19273144Prince Hotel A  

Preliminary Round Round must be played on or before 13/05/18
1Abbey B933283Castlefields AAtAbbey B
1Castlefields A974167Abbey BAtCastlefields A
Combined ResultCastlefields A18064160Abbey B  
2Bayston Hill A3105105Sir John BayleyAtBayston Hill A
2Sir John Bayley923257Bayston Hill AAtSir John Bayley
Combined ResultSir John Bayley1978288Bayston Hill A  
3Hanwood B752382Prince Hotel AAtHanwood B
3Prince Hotel A833283Hanwood BAtPrince Hotel A
Combined ResultPrince Hotel A16564158Hanwood B  
4Worthen & Brock763277Castlefields BAtWorthen & Brock
4Castlefields B974155Worthen & BrockAtCastlefields B
Combined ResultCastlefields B17464131Worthen & Brock