Wallasey Bowling League 2018

Association Cup

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First Round Held on 10/04/18
1Winner of Match No 1    Magazine BAt
1Magazine B    Winner of Match No 1AtMagazine B
3Telegraph    GreasbyAtTelegraph
3Greasby    TelegraphAtGreasby

First Round Held on 11/04/18
2Manor Road C    Upton Victory Hall BAtManor Road C
2Upton Victory Hall B    Manor Road CAtUpton Victory Hall B
4Harrison Park B    N B Quarry Vikings CAtHarrison Park B
4N B Quarry Vikings C    Harrison Park BAtN B Quarry Vikings C

Preliminary Round Held on 03/04/18
1Bronze    MagazineAtBronze
1Magazine    BronzeAtMagazine