Mid Cheshire Ladies Bowling League 2018

Team Knockout

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Preliminary Round Held on Mon May 14th 2018
1Winnington Ladies(+30)183153Lady Owls (+20)AtHazel Pear
2Bostock Ladies(+40)20850Kelsall(+50)AtWharton Cons Ladies
First Round Held on Mon Jun 18th 2018
1Winnington Ladies(+30)182164Bostock Ladies(+40)AtMoulton Ladies
2Norley(+10)173136Rudheath SSC(+40)AtPochins
3Good Companions A(+25)183173Moulton Ladies(+40)AtWharton Cons Ladies
4Wharton Cons Ladies(-10)149119Barnton A(+15)AtWinnington Ladies
5Good Companions B(+40)20840Hazel Pear(+40)AtCastle
6Rode Heath(+30)193140Willaston(+40)AtGood Companions
7Davenham Ladies(+40)20840Barnton B(+40)AtNorley
8Castle Ladies16498Hartford (+40)AtDavenham Ladies
Quarter Final Round Held on Sun Jul 22nd 2018
1Winnington Ladies(+30)174153Norley(+10)AtDavenham Ladies
2Wharton Cons Ladies(-10)158140Good Companions A(+25)AtPochins
3Rode Heath(+30)197161Good Companions B(+40)AtBunbury
4Castle Ladies159136Davenham Ladies(+40)AtMoulton Ladies
Semi Final Round Held on Sun Sep 2nd 2018
1Winner of Match No 1  Winner of Match No 2AtRudheath S&sc
2Rode Heath(+30)  Castle LadiesAtRudheath S&sc