Lichfield & District Bowling League 2018


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Second Round Round must be played on or before 19/06/18
1Lichfield A    Rag AAtLichfield A
1Rag A    Lichfield AAtRag A
2Winner of Match No 1    Winner of Match No 2At
2Winner of Match No 2    Winner of Match No 1At
3Winner of Match No 3    Winner of Match No 4At
3Winner of Match No 4    Winner of Match No 3At
4Winner of Match No 5    Winner of Match No 6At
4Winner of Match No 6    Winner of Match No 5At
5Winner of Match No 7    Winner of Match No 8At
5Winner of Match No 8    Winner of Match No 7At
6Winner of Match No 9    Winner of Match No 10At
6Winner of Match No 10    Winner of Match No 9At
7Winner of Match No 11    Winner of Match No 12At
7Winner of Match No 12    Winner of Match No 11At
8Winner of Match No 13    Winner of Match No 14At
8Winner of Match No 14    Winner of Match No 13At

First Round Round must be played on or before 01/05/18
1Whittington A    ChadsmoorAtWhittington A
1Chadsmoor    Whittington AAtChadsmoor
2Windmill    Stafford Road AAtWindmill
2Stafford Road A    WindmillAtStafford Road A
3Ashmole A    Hawkins SportsAtAshmole A
3Hawkins Sports    Ashmole AAtHawkins Sports
4British Rail    Willenhall NordleyAtBritish Rail
4Willenhall Nordley    British RailAtWillenhall Nordley
5Harrisons    Rag BAtHarrisons
5Rag B    HarrisonsAtRag B
6Amasal    PenkridgeAtAmasal
6Penkridge    AmasalAtPenkridge
7C R Hawks    Hednesford AAtC R Hawks
7Hednesford A    C R HawksAtHednesford A
8Ridwares A    Hatherton AAtRidwares A
8Hatherton A    Ridwares AAtHatherton A
9Streetly A    Lea Hall AAtStreetly A
9Lea Hall A    Streetly AAtLea Hall A
10Rugeley Prog A    Hammerwich AAtRugeley Prog A
10Hammerwich A    Rugeley Prog AAtHammerwich A
11Lichfield Road    Ashmole BAtLichfield Road
11Ashmole B    Lichfield RoadAtAshmole B
12Hagley A    Heath Hayes AAtHagley A
12Heath Hayes A    Hagley AAtHeath Hayes A
13Chase Terrace B    Uxbridge ArmsAtChase Terrace B
13Uxbridge Arms    Chase Terrace BAtUxbridge Arms
14Bridgtown A    RushallAtBridgtown A
14Rushall    Bridgtown AAtRushall