Frodsham & District Bowling League 2018

Fred Rogers Cup

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Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before Fri Jun 29th 2018
1Chetwode B(+40)  Grapes(+12)AtPavilions No 1
2Helsby Sc D(+2)  Egerton C(+64)AtSubscription
3Grapes Abc Taxis(+70)  Pavilions B(+22)AtHalton Rbl
4Red Lion A  Run War Mem B(+36)AtNorton
Second Round Round must be played on or before Fri Jun 15th 2018
1Chetwode B(+40)178172Helsby Sc B(+26)AtKingsley
2Grapes(+12)162120Goshawk B(+20)AtNorton
3Helsby Sc D(+2)170132Kingsley B(+38)AtRed Lion
4Egerton C(+64)200149Halton Rbl B(+34)AtRun War Mem
5Grapes Abc Taxis(+70)23828Kingswood A(+28)AtSubscription
6Pavilions B(+22)187141Subscription(+52)AtGrapes
7Red Lion A1688Kingswood B(+8)AtHelsby No 2
8Run War Mem B(+36)183107Halton Rbl A(+14)AtPavilions No 2
First Round Round must be played on or before Fri May 18th 2018
1Goshawk B(+20)180110Egerton Mem(+16)AtSubscription
2Halton Rbl B(+34)2020ByeAtN/a
3Egerton C(+64)209206Helsby Sc C(+66)AtGrapes
4Kingswood A(+28)1960ByeAtN/a
5Run War Mem B(+36)203125Willow Bk A(+50)AtPavilions No 1
First Round Round must be played on or before Thu May 17th 2018
1Chetwode B(+40)199178Norley(+68)AtRed Lion
2Helsby Sc B(+26)1940ByeAtN/a
3Grapes(+12)168136Willow Bk B(+44)AtPavilions No 2
4Kingsley B(+38)179158Hazel Pear(+20)AtKingswood
5Helsby Sc D(+2)149147Frod Cons(+48)AtKingsley
6Grapes Abc Taxis(+70)2380ByeAtN/a
7Subscription(+52)180169Helsby Sc A(+32)AtPavilions No 1
8Pavilions B(+22)154153Chetwode A(+18)AtRun War Mem
9Kingswood B(+8)1760ByeAtN/a
10Red Lion A168152Rock Park A(+56)AtGrapes
11Halton Rbl A(+14)1820ByeAtN/a