Mkt Drayton Bowling League 2018

Jim Swire Cup

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Preliminary Round Held on Wed May 2nd 2018
1Malpas Spts A8779Wem A(+10)AtHanmer
2Ash A10557Joules Mkt Drayton B(+30)AtCalverhall
3Audlem A(+10)10877Adderley AAtWrenbury
4Calverhall A(+10)9594Malpas A(+10)AtChester Rd Mens
5AWC B(+30)12680Hanmer AAtBridgewater Big
6Chester Rd A9487Hodnet AAtWhixall
7Norton In Hales A(+15)102100Nantwich Pk Rd C(+25)AtTilstock
8Childs Ercall A10578Norton In Hales B(+25)AtHodnet
9Nantwich Pk Rd A10591Audlem C(+15)AtCholmondeley
10Audlem B(+10)10686Nantwich Pk Rd B(+20)AtAdderley
Second Preliminary Round Held on Wed May 16th 2018
1A W C 9981Tilstock B(+10)AtMalpas
2Wollerton A(+20)10394Whixall A(+10)AtA W C Big
3Bridgewater A10472Wem Albion(+25)AtWollerton
4Wrenbury A(+10)10884Victoria A(+10)AtJoules M D
5Victoria B(+15)1200ByeAtN/A
6Audlem D(+30)1350ByeAtN/A
7Joules Mkt Drayton A(+10)9983Woore AAtNorton In Hales
8Tilstock A(+20)107105District B(+20)AtAsh
9Prees A10578Whixall B(+15)AtWem Small
10Bridgewater B(+10)10679Ash B(+15)AtAudlem
First Round Held on Wed Jul 18th 2018
1Audlem B(+10)  Bridgewater B(+10)AtAsh
2Ash A  Chester Rd AAtBridgewater Big
3Norton In Hales A(+15)  Joules Mkt Drayton A(+10)AtCon Club
4Audlem A(+10)  A W C AtCholmondeley
Second Round Held on Wed Aug 1st 2018
1Winner of Match No 1  Childs Ercall AAtTBA
2Winner of Match No 2  Wrenbury A(+10)AtTBA
3Winner of Match No 3  Audlem D(+30)AtTBA
4Winner of Match No 4  Calverhall A(+10)AtTBA
5Tilstock A(+20)  Prees AAtTBA
6Nantwich Pk Rd A  Wollerton A(+20)AtTBA
7Malpas Spts A  AWC B(+30)AtTBA
8Victoria B(+15)  Bridgewater AAtTBA