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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Charlie Tattersall Memorial Final Held on Fri 28th Sep

Qualifiers for Round of 16
1Ben Gloag2Andy Thornton
3Dave Watters4Josh Mordue
5Graeme Wilson6Danny Parkinson
7Chris Bly8Mark Holden
9Danny Ferris10James Martin

Results from Qualifying Round 1 Played on Sun 22nd Apr

Round 3
1Ben Gloag3130Allan Rushton
2Andy Thornton3129David Gwilliam
Round 2
1Ben Gloag3130Billy Thornton
2Allan Rushton3123John Garrat Jnr
3David Gwilliam3117Darren Powis
4Andy Thornton3126Paul Garrett
Round 1
1Billy Thornton3118Andrew Lund
2Ben Gloag310Walkover
3Allan Rushton3128Mark Allman
4John Garrat Jnr3114Kieron Dodd
5David Gwilliam310Walkover
6Darren Powis3129Peter Hawkes
7Paul Garrett3122A Morgan
8Andy Thornton3123Nigel Ferrington

Results from Qualifying Round 2 Played on Sun 29th Apr

Round 3
3Dave Watters3117Chris Mordue
4Josh Mordue3119Phil Lee
Round 2
5Dave Watters3130Dave McDermott
6Chris Mordue3117Anne OLoughlin
7Phil Lee3130Colin Scorah
8Josh Mordue3126Mike Leach
Round 1
9Dave McDermott3121Sam Patterson
10Dave Watters3126Andrew Gallagher
11Anne OLoughlin3129Simon Litherland
12Chris Mordue310Walkover
13Phil Lee3113Phil Cooper
14Colin Scorah3123Maggie Pailing
15Josh Mordue310Walkover
16Mike Leach310BYE

Results from Qualifying Round 3 Played on Thu 10th May

Round 3
5Graeme Wilson3129Terry Glover
6Danny Parkinson3124Paul Dudley
Round 2
9Terry Glover3121Stu Gall
10Graeme Wilson3119Scott Simpson
11Paul Dudley3113Grant Eckersley
12Danny Parkinson3123Terry McMullan
Round 1
17Terry Glover3117Craig Melling
18Stu Gall3116Stephen Leach
19Scott Simpson3124Qualifier Unknown
20Graeme Wilson310Walkover
21Grant Eckersley3119Dean Butler
22Paul Dudley310Walkover
23Danny Parkinson3126Paul Bailey
24Terry McMullan310Walkover

Results from Qualifying Round 4 Played on Sat 23rd Jun

Round 3
7Chris Bly3129David Higginbottom
8Mark Holden3126Simon Hargreaves
Round 2
13David Higginbottom3115Tim Houghton
14Chris Bly3122Graham Hickey
15Simon Hargreaves3130Leighton Roberts
16Mark Holden3129Lee Johnstone
Round 1
25David Higginbottom3127Cliff Massey
26Tim Houghton3111Ben Mills
27Chris Bly3123Rob Smith
28Graham Hickey3123Gareth Gwilliam
29Leighton Roberts3124Roger Crowther
30Simon Hargreaves310Walkover
31Mark Holden3121Graham McDermott
32Lee Johnstone3117Robert Whittle

Results from Qualifying Round 5 Played on Sun 15th Jul

Round 3
9Danny Ferris3116Bill McLellan
10James Martin3112Sam Millward
Round 2
17Bill McLellan3121Brian Thompson
18Danny Ferris310Walkover
19James Martin3126Chris Baker
20Sam Millward3119Nathan Dawes
Round 1
33Bill McLellan3127David Lloyd
34Brian Thompson3128Malcolm Hensley
35Danny Ferris3119Marc Daugherty
37Chris Baker3130Wayne Rogers
38James Martin3130P Wainwright
39Sam Millward310Walkover
40Nathan Dawes310Walkover

Results from Qualifying Round 6 Played on Mon 30th Jul

Results from Qualifying Round 7 Played on Sun 5th Aug

Results from Qualifying Round 8 Played on Mon 6th Aug