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Crown Green Bowling Competition Results and Rankings 2018

Bowring Open Held on Sun 7th Oct

Final Round
1Leighton Roberts2118Scott Simpson

Semi Round
1Scott Simpson2118Glyn Storer
2Leighton Roberts2117Darren Wellings

Quarters Round
1Scott Simpson2112Tom Roden
2Glyn Storer2113Daniel Petcher
3Darren Wellings2116Rob Fuller
4Leighton Roberts2113Peter Farmer

Round of 16 Round
1Scott Simpson2118Dan Taylor
2Tom Roden2112Aaron Tapper
3Daniel Petcher2116Ed Wakeman
4Glyn Storer2116Cedric Bancroft
5Darren Wellings2119Dave Rhodes
6Rob Fuller2119Jan Prattley
7Leighton Roberts218Dan Bowater
8Peter Farmer2110Callum Wraight

Round of 32 Round
1Dan Taylor2117A Morgan
2Scott Simpson2111Sam Millward
3Tom Roden2114Harry Chapman
4Aaron Tapper2114John Clarke
5Ed Wakeman2120Scott Harries
6Daniel Petcher2112Kiah Roberts
7Cedric Bancroft2116John Davies
8Glyn Storer2114Tony Garmson
9Dave Rhodes2119John Cooke
10Darren Wellings2114Darrell Handley
11Jan Prattley2116Ashley Wellings
12Rob Fuller2112Steven Bodley
13Leighton Roberts218Dave King
14Dan Bowater2120Rob Perry
15Callum Wraight210Bye
16Peter Farmer2120Tom Langford

Round of 64 Round
1Dan Taylor2115Neil Kershaw
2A Morgan2112Thomas Lea
3Sam Millward2115Glyn Wellings
4Scott Simpson2111Dan Williamson
5Harry Chapman2118Pete Thomas
6Tom Roden2113Phil Craggs
7John Clarke210Bye
8Aaron Tapper210Bye
9Scott Harries2110Colin Yates
10Ed Wakeman210Bye
11Daniel Petcher210Bye
12Kiah Roberts2120Stuart Clee
13John Davies210Bye
14Cedric Bancroft210Bye
15Tony Garmson2115Phil King
16Glyn Storer210Bye
17John Cooke2113Pete Millington
18Dave Rhodes2119Paul Evans
19Darren Wellings210Bye
20Darrell Handley210Bye
21Ashley Wellings2117Liam Stevens
22Jan Prattley218Mike Hughes
23Rob Fuller210Bye
24Steven Bodley210Bye
25Dave King2117Steve Downes
26Leighton Roberts2116Jan Wakefield
27Dan Bowater219Harry Chapman
28Rob Perry2114Rob Carter
29Callum Wraight2110Phil Cookson
31Peter Farmer218Kieran Jones
32Tom Langford2115Sian Skelton