Wrexham Bowling League 2017

Division Three Cup

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Quarter Final Round Held on 26/05/17
1Winner of Match No 1  Winner of Match No 2At
1Winner of Match No 2  Winner of Match No 1At
2Ponciau Park B  Gard Village BAtPonciau Park B
2Gard Village B  Ponciau Park BAtGard Village B
3Brymbo B  Llay DAtBrymbo B
3Llay D  Brymbo BAtLlay D
4Parciau C  Gres Vill CAtParciau C
4Gres Vill C  Parciau CAtGres Vill C

Preliminary Round Held on 12/05/17
1Farndon B  Gate Hh BAtFarndon B
1Gate Hh B  Farndon BAtGate Hh B
2Bersham B  Esclusham DAtBersham B
2Esclusham D  Bersham BAtEsclusham D