West Bromwich Mid Week Bowling League 2017

Mick Edmunds Handicap Trophy

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Semi Final Round Held on 07/08/17
1Hamstead Social Club A702259W B F SAtHamstead Social Club A
1W B F S783161Hamstead Social Club AAtW B F S
Combined Result with handicapW B F S13753131Hamstead Social Club A  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 09/07/17
1Hamstead Social Club A844031The Stile(15)AtHamstead Social Club A
1The Stile(15)581381Hamstead Social Club AAtThe Stile
Combined Result with handicapHamstead Social Club A16571104The Stile(15)  
2Short Heath Libs844041Glasscutters(15)AtShort Heath Libs
2Glasscutters(15)793162Short Heath LibsAtGlasscutters
Combined Result with handicapShort Heath Libs14653135Glasscutters(15)  
3Hamstead Sovial Club B(15)521372W B F SAtHamstead Sovial Club B
3W B F S844029Hamstead Sovial Club B(15)AtW B F S
Combined Result with handicapW B F S1567196Hamstead Sovial Club B(15)  
4Rowley Lab703157Coseley TavernAtRowley Lab
4Coseley Tavern773163Rowley LabAtCoseley Tavern
Combined Result with handicapCoseley Tavern13444133Rowley Lab  

Second Round Round must be played on or before 14/05/17
1Greets Green640484Rowley LabAtGreets Green
1Rowley Lab822268Greets GreenAtRowley Lab
Combined Result with handicapRowley Lab16662132Greets Green  
2Church Hill B(15)631380Coseley TavernAtChurch Hill B
2Coseley Tavern773132Church Hill B(15)AtCoseley Tavern
Combined Result with handicapCoseley Tavern15762110Church Hill B(15)  
3Cradley Sports    Hamstead Sovial Club B(15)AtCradley Sports
3Hamstead Sovial Club B(15)    Cradley SportsAtHamstead Sovial Club B
4Short Heath Libs    Coseley AthleticAtShort Heath Libs
4Coseley Athletic    Short Heath LibsAtCoseley Athletic
5Church Hill A803165W B F SAtChurch Hill A
5W B F S773154Church Hill AAtW B F S
Combined Result with handicapW B F S14244134Church Hill A  
6The Pheasant    The Stile(15)AtThe Pheasant
6The Stile(15)    The PheasantAtThe Stile
7Hamstead Social Club A    ByeAtHamstead Social Club A
7Bye    Hamstead Social Club AAtBye
8Glasscutters(15)    ByeAtGlasscutters
8Bye    Glasscutters(15)AtBye