Tanners Claret Shropshire Bowling League 2017

Tanner Cup

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Quarter Final Round Held on 26/07/17
1OSBC    Pontesbury AAtOSBC
1Pontesbury A    OSBCAtPontesbury A
2Albert Road BC    Ludlow CastleAtAlbert Road BC
2Ludlow Castle    Albert Road BCAtLudlow Castle
3Castlefields    Winner of Match No 1AtCastlefields
3Winner of Match No 1    CastlefieldsAt
4Hanwood    Meole Brace AAtHanwood
4Meole Brace A    HanwoodAtMeole Brace A

Second Round Held on 05/07/17
1Prince Hotel A    TelepostAtPrince Hotel A
1Telepost    Prince Hotel AAtTelepost
2Castlefields1185193Abbey AAtCastlefields
2Abbey A11042108CastlefieldsAtAbbey A
Combined ResultCastlefields22675203Abbey A  
3Elephant & Castle1134280Ludlow CastleAtElephant & Castle
3Ludlow Castle1255175Elephant & CastleAtLudlow Castle
Combined ResultLudlow Castle20575188Elephant & Castle  
4Bicton A12151101HanwoodAtBicton A
4Hanwood1266063Bicton AAtHanwood
Combined ResultHanwood22775184Bicton A  
5OSBC1266090Bayston Hill AAtOSBC
5Bayston Hill A9124111OSBCAtBayston Hill A
Combined ResultOSBC237102181Bayston Hill A  
6Crescent10842115Albert Road BCAtCrescent
6Albert Road BC9533102CrescentAtAlbert Road BC
Combined ResultCrescent21075210Albert Road BC  
7Pontesbury A1185170Prince Hotel BAtPontesbury A
7Prince Hotel B1184295Pontesbury AAtPrince Hotel B
Combined ResultPontesbury A21375188Prince Hotel B  
8Battlefield11524107Meole Brace AAtBattlefield
8Meole Brace A1266087BattlefieldAtMeole Brace A
Combined ResultMeole Brace A233102202Battlefield  

First Round Held on 03/05/17
1Albert Road BC1113389Abbey BAtAlbert Road BC
1Abbey B10524112Albert Road BCAtAbbey B
Combined ResultAlbert Road BC22375194Abbey B  
2Burway10815117Bayston Hill AAtBurway
2Bayston Hill A10815115BurwayAtBayston Hill A
Combined ResultBayston Hill A22566223Burway  
3OSBC1135169Pontesbury BAtOSBC
3Pontesbury B1245193OSBCAtPontesbury B
Combined ResultOSBC20666193Pontesbury B  
4Bicton A1266072Worthen & BrocktonAtBicton A
4Worthen & Brockton7106126Bicton AAtWorthen & Brockton
Combined ResultBicton A252120143Worthen & Brockton  
5Prince Hotel B10233116UnisonAtPrince Hotel B
5Unison8215113Prince Hotel BAtUnison
Combined ResultPrince Hotel B21584198Unison  
6Meole Brace V10833114CrescentAtMeole Brace V
6Crescent1266073Meole Brace VAtCrescent
Combined ResultCrescent24093181Meole Brace V