Salop Leisure Shropshire Premier Bowling League 2017

Alan Mahew

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Final Round Held on 09/09/17
1Winner of Match No 1    Winner of Match No 2AtTBA

Semi Final Round Held on 30/08/17
1Winner of Match No 1    Winner of Match No 2At
1Winner of Match No 2    Winner of Match No 1At
2Winner of Match No 3    Winner of Match No 4At
2Winner of Match No 4    Winner of Match No 3At

Semi Final Round Held on 23/08/17
1Meole Brace    Winner of Match No 2AtMeole Brace
1Winner of Match No 2    Meole BraceAt
2Hanwood    CastlefieldsAtHanwood
2Castlefields    HanwoodAtCastlefields

Quarter Final Round Held on 09/08/17
1Hanmer10633102Meole BraceAtHanmer
1Meole Brace1175194HanmerAtMeole Brace
Combined ResultMeole Brace21984200Hanmer  
2Ifton    Wrockwardine WoodAtIfton
2Wrockwardine Wood    IftonAtWrockwardine Wood
Combined ResultHanwood23593187Bylet  
Combined ResultCastlefields22593193Bowring  

First Round Held on 26/07/17
1Hanmer1094292Sir J BayleyAtHanmer
1Sir J Bayley10933102HanmerAtSir J Bayley
Combined ResultHanmer21175201Sir J Bayley  
2Bye    Meole BraceAtBye
2Meole Brace    ByeAtMeole Brace
3Ifton1104284Chester RoadAtIfton
3Chester Road1053394IftonAtChester Road
Combined ResultIfton20475189Chester Road  
4HUSC8515117Wrockwardine WoodAtHUSC
4Wrockwardine Wood1245183HUSCAtWrockwardine Wood
Combined ResultWrockwardine Wood241102168HUSC  
5Wem U S C1104298HanwoodAtWem U S C
5Hanwood1145181Wem U S CAtHanwood
Combined ResultHanwood21275191Wem U S C  
6Bylet1124279St GeorgesAtBylet
6St Georges1102499ByletAtSt Georges
Combined ResultBylet21184189St Georges  
Combined ResultCastlefields20766192Newport  
Combined ResultBowring21584197Burway