Oldbury and District Bowling League 2017

Oldbury Cup Div 3 & 4

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Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 30/06/17
1Winner of Match No 1  Winner of Match No 2At
1Winner of Match No 2  Winner of Match No 1At
2Winner of Match No 3  Winner of Match No 4At
2Winner of Match No 4  Winner of Match No 3At
3Broomfield B  Wernley BAtBroomfield B
3Wernley B  Broomfield BAtWernley B
4W C M M c B  Bell Inn BAtW C M M c B
4Bell Inn B  W C M M c BAtBell Inn B

Second Round Round must be played on or before 02/06/17
1Warley  Tallboat BAtWarley
1Tallboat B  WarleyAtTallboat B
2Old Cross B  Crad H Libs BAtOld Cross B
2Crad H Libs B  Old Cross BAtCrad H Libs B
3R S J C B  PheasantAtR S J C B
3Pheasant  R S J C BAtPheasant
4Black Horse B  LangleyAtBlack Horse B
4Langley  Black Horse BAtLangley