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Oldbury and District Bowling League 2017

Oldbury Cup Div 1 & 2

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Semi Final Round Round must be played on or before 28/07/17
1Royal Oak A823164George AAtRoyal Oak A
1George A844057Royal Oak AAtGeorge A
Combined ResultGeorge A14853139Royal Oak A  
2Crad Heath Libs A723152Coombswood AAtCrad Heath Libs A
2Coombswood A763155Crad Heath Libs AAtCoombswood A
Combined ResultCoombswood A12844127Crad Heath Libs A  

Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 30/06/17
1Royal Oak A823144King George VAtRoyal Oak A
1King George V833163Royal Oak AAtKing George V
Combined ResultRoyal Oak A14544127King George V  
2George A844049R S J C AAtGeorge A
2R S J C A551370George AAtR S J C A
Combined ResultGeorge A15471104R S J C A  
3Wernley A763151Crad Heath Libs AAtWernley A
3Crad Heath Libs A823156Wernley AAtCrad Heath Libs A
Combined ResultCrad Heath Libs A13344132Wernley A  
4Coombswood A844031Royal Oak BAtCoombswood A
4Royal Oak B662257Coombswood AAtRoyal Oak B
Combined ResultCoombswood A1416297Royal Oak B  

Second Round Round must be played on or before 02/06/17
1Old Cross A13344138Royal Oak AAtOld Cross A
1Royal Oak A    Old Cross AAtRoyal Oak A
2Tallboats A12826156King George VAtTallboats A
2King George V    Tallboats AAtKing George V
3George A1677189Black Horse AAtGeorge A
3Black Horse A    George AAtBlack Horse A
4R S J C A13444120W B F SAtR S J C A
4W B F S    R S J C AAtW B F S
5W C W M C A008168Wernley AAtW C W M C A
5Wernley A    W C W M C AAtWernley A
6Crad Heath Libs A14044139George BAtCrad Heath Libs A
6George B    Crad Heath Libs AAtGeorge B
7Coombswood A13953135Broomfield AAtCoombswood A
7Broomfield A    Coombswood AAtBroomfield A
8Royal Oak B14062128Bell Inn AAtRoyal Oak B
8Bell Inn A    Royal Oak BAtBell Inn A

First Round Round must be played on or before 05/05/17
1Old Cross A14553113SaltwellsAtOld Cross A
1Saltwells    Old Cross AAtSaltwells