Northfield & District Bowling League 2017

Kendrick Trophy

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Quarter Final Round Round must be played on or before 16/07/17
1Kings Heath Park  Baldwin AAtKings Heath Park
1Baldwin A  Kings Heath ParkAtBaldwin A
2King George V A  Woodbourne Sport BAtKing George V A
2Woodbourne Sport B  King George V AAtWoodbourne Sport B
3Hall Green A  MaggiesAtHall Green A
3Maggies  Hall Green AAtMaggies
4Triplex A  British Oak BAtTriplex A
4British Oak B  Triplex AAtBritish Oak B

Second Round Round must be played on or before 07/05/17
1Kings Heath Park8454Triplex BAtKings Heath Park
1Triplex B6361Kings Heath ParkAtTriplex B
Combined ResultKings Heath Park145117Triplex B  
2Rubery Sheldon JC5875Baldwin AAtRubery Sheldon JC
2Baldwin A7665Rubery Sheldon JCAtBaldwin A
Combined ResultBaldwin A151123Rubery Sheldon JC  
3King George V A7770Royal Austin BL AAtKing George V A
3Royal Austin BL A6176King George V AAtRoyal Austin BL A
Combined ResultKing George V A153131Royal Austin BL A  
4Woodbourne Sport B8448Valley AtWoodbourne Sport B
4Valley 7154Woodbourne Sport BAtValley
Combined ResultWoodbourne Sport B138119Valley   
5Royal Austin BL B7048Hall Green AAtRoyal Austin BL B
5Hall Green A8443Royal Austin BL BAtHall Green A
Combined ResultHall Green A132113Royal Austin BL B  
6Maggies8259Colebrook BAtMaggies
6Colebrook B6472MaggiesAtColebrook B
Combined ResultMaggies154123Colebrook B  
7White Hart A7184Triplex AAtWhite Hart A
7Triplex A8160White Hart AAtTriplex A
Combined ResultTriplex A165131White Hart A  
8British Oak B8449Baldwin BAtBritish Oak B
8Baldwin B5777British Oak BAtBaldwin B
Combined ResultBritish Oak B161106Baldwin B  

First Round Held on 02/04/17
1Colebrook A6480Kings Heath ParkAtColebrook A
1Kings Heath Park8452Colebrook AAtKings Heath Park
Combined ResultKings Heath Park164116Colebrook A  
2Triplex B  ByeAtTriplex B
2Bye  Triplex BAtBye
3Bournville Sports4684Rubery Sheldon JCAtBournville Sports
3Rubery Sheldon JC8428Bournville SportsAtRubery Sheldon JC
Combined ResultRubery Sheldon JC16874Bournville Sports  
4Baldwin A8426Yardley Wood SocialAtBaldwin A
4Yardley Wood Social6279Baldwin AAtYardley Wood Social
Combined ResultBaldwin A16388Yardley Wood Social  
5British Oak A6375King George V AAtBritish Oak A
5King George V A8055British Oak AAtKing George V A
Combined ResultKing George V A155118British Oak A  
6WCWMC A6673Royal Austin BL AAtWCWMC A
6Royal Austin BL A6858WCWMC AAtRoyal Austin BL A
Combined ResultRoyal Austin BL A141124WCWMC A  
7Woodbourne Sport B7354Kings NortonAtWoodbourne Sport B
7Kings Norton7153Woodbourne Sport BAtKings Norton
Combined ResultWoodbourne Sport B126125Kings Norton  
8Valley 8447Black Horse AAtValley
8Black Horse A7565Valley AtBlack Horse A
Combined ResultValley 149122Black Horse A  
9Royal Austin BL B7360Wythall CA AAtRoyal Austin BL B
9Wythall CA A7966Royal Austin BL BAtWythall CA A
Combined ResultWythall CA A139139Royal Austin BL B  
10Hall Green A8441Black Horse BAtHall Green A
10Black Horse B7078Hall Green AAtBlack Horse B
Combined ResultHall Green A162111Black Horse B  
11Warstock A8363MaggiesAtWarstock A
11Maggies8451Warstock AAtMaggies
Combined ResultMaggies147134Warstock A  
12Hall Green B7552Colebrook BAtHall Green B
12Colebrook B8444Hall Green BAtColebrook B
Combined ResultColebrook B136119Hall Green B  
13WCWMC B4684White Hart AAtWCWMC B
13White Hart A7866WCWMC BAtWhite Hart A
Combined ResultWhite Hart A162112WCWMC B  
14Triplex A  ByeAtTriplex A
14Bye  Triplex AAtBye
15British Oak B  ByeAtBritish Oak B
15Bye  British Oak BAtBye
16Baldwin B  ByeAtBaldwin B
16Bye  Baldwin BAtBye