Chester Over 60s Bowling League

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Mrs Lesley Williams Jim Orchard Selwyn Callister  Mrs Liz Thornelow




All 2017 League results have been entered


Congratulations to Waverton Institute on  winning the 2017 American Plaque. 


The club draw for the Burrows merit cup is now on the website and player registration is at 1.00pm on the first day. The competition dates are Tuesday 19th, Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd September at Freemasons.


Please note the AGM this year is at Cheshire View on 10th October starting at 2.00pm.

Any proposals for the meeting should be sent to the secretary at least 21 days before the AGM. 

Even though the season is coming to a close please keep visiting the website occasionally.

For the AGM the agenda will be published on the website one week before the meeting, and would those who wish to attend have a copy of last AGM minutes printed off for your information at the meeting.



Important Dates:


Tue Oct 10th 1400 AGM at Cheshire View


Latest information: