Chester Over 60s Bowling League

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Mrs Lesley Williams Jim Orchard John Bailiff  Mrs Liz Thornelow




All 2017 League results have been entered


A captains meeting (one representative per team) has been arranged for Monday 8th January 2018 at 2.00pm at St Werburgs club to discuss the following 4 items.

Item 1. to vote on whether the league should admit over 55s, over 58s or stay as over 60s.

Item 2. The Hermitage Cup draw.

Item 3. The American Plaque draw and  prelim dates.

Item 4. Dates for Burrows Cup.

The league fixtures will run from Tuesday 10th April through to Friday 31st August. The preliminary round for the Hermitage cup will be on Friday 6th April.

For next season Waverton Queens BC team have voted to continue using Waverton Institute as their home green. Social bowls will continue on the village bowls green, and new members would be welcome. 


Even though the season is coming to a close please keep visiting the website occasionally.


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