Birkenhead & Wirral Ladies 2018

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
Margaret Sue Margaret
Browning Nugent Hughes  
Mon Apr 23rd 6 Matches
Tue Apr 24th 3 Matches
Wed Apr 25th 1 Match
Thu Apr 26th 5 Matches
Fri Apr 27th 1 Match
Mon Apr 30th 6 Matches

Welcome to the Birkenhead & Wirral Ladies Bowling League for 2018

Founded in 1938


Important Dates:


Fri Mar 23rd 1.30pm General (Spring) Meeting - Pensby Recreation Hall.
No Agenda will be circulated. League Fees will be collected and Fixture Books issued.


Latest information:

Mon Feb 19th

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Ladies Bowling Diary Dates
Wirral Bowls Calendar - Nicky has collated all the Ladies dates together with the Wallasey and Birkenhead Dates.

Remember these are proposed dates at the moment. If in doubt contact the relevant leagues/associations for final confirmation.