Birkenhead & Wirral Ladies 2018

Chairman Secretary Treasurer
Margaret Sue Margaret
Browning Nugent Hughes  
Tue Jun 19th 4 results from 4 Matches
Thu Jun 21st 3 results from 5 Matches
Mon Jun 25th 6 Matches
Tue Jun 26th 5 Matches

Welcome to the Birkenhead & Wirral Ladies Bowling League for 2018

Founded in 1938


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Wed Apr 4th

PLEASE NOTE - There have been a couple of changes to the lists of starred players. Please click the bottom tab on the left to see the details.

Sun Mar 25th
Please could you note the following and amend your Fixture Books, particularly the teams it affects.
Page 15.  Division 2
The Meols B v Greasby B match is being played on Monday 16th July; not the 17th July as stated in the Fixture Book.

Mon Feb 19th

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Ladies Bowling Diary Dates
Wirral Bowls Calendar - Nicky has collated all the Ladies dates together with the Wallasey and Birkenhead Dates.

Remember these are proposed dates at the moment. If in doubt contact the relevant leagues/associations for final confirmation.