Birkenhead & Wirral Ladies

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Margaret Sue Margaret
Browning Nugent Hughes  
All 2017 League results have been entered


Welcome to the Birkenhead & Wirral Ladies Bowling League for 2017


Important Dates:


Sat Oct 14th 10.00 COFFEE MORNING - Venue - Pensby Recreational Hall - Now 10.00am!!!
Message from Pat Crowther
Please support this and entice along your friends and club mates.  All money raised goes towards the Ladies County.
Please advertise to your club members as much as is possible.
(The change in time is due to Pensby Hall hosting another event in the afternoon.)


Latest information:

Mon Jun 5th

'C' Division - Heswall R.B.L. Ladies have unfortunately had to withdraw their C team from the league. The division results have now been adjusted to reflect this. We're all really sorry Heswall Ladies have had to make this difficult decision but hope they can find new players in the coming months and enter again next season.

Wed May 10th

Results of the Vi Sutton Competition held at Victoria Park on 7th May 2017

Winner: Sam Stanley

Runner-up:  Jean Roberts

Semi-Finalists: Sue Wynne & Zoe Stratton

Quarter-finalists: Jordan McElnay, Val Makinson, Jean Hughes, Babs Woodward

Thanks to Victoria Park Ladies for hosting the competition and working hard all through a very long day to provide excellent refreshments.

Thanks also to our 3 referees, Ruth, Mary and Bill / Margaret Hughes and the committee / My right hand man, Kevin / Jake and everyone else who measured, marked cards and supported / last but nor least all you ladies who entered the competition, it was a great turnout. 



Tue May 2nd

'C' Division - Unfortunately Tranmere Ladies have made the difficult decision to withdraw their 'C' team from the league this season; the fixture lists have been amended to show all Tranmere 'C' matches as a Bye. We're very sorry to lose another team but sincerely hope that circumstances will change and Tranmere Ladies will be able to enter 3 teams again in the future.

Tue Apr 25th

Please check this page out 'Wirral Crown Green Bowls - LADIES' to cover all ladies Bowls activities on the Wirral so please add any friends you may have that are lady bowlers on the Wirral.  Any event that Wirral Lady Bowlers take part on can be included on this site.  And can be used to advertise Wirral events, Club, League, County or Association.  Please share as far as possible.
It's nice to know the results of events played so any organisers can feel free to add them here.  If not computer literate or a Facebook member then by all means send them to me to add. Glynis Lomax.