Wrexham Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for Aston

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




SaturdayT 1Aston
PairsT 1Aston AT 2Aston B
No players 58Can PlayPlayed
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetSatuPairT1T1T2Results
Kath AltmannWL 02711    13  Results
Richard AltmannWL 02674    1  Results
Simon AltmannWL02675    21  Results
Carol AshdownLAD62516    3Results
Tom AshdownWS18542    5 Results
Stuart BakerWL16236   15  Results
Nicola BaynesLAD 69665     11Results
Callum BeckWS18703   3 13Results
Bill BennettWL16230      Results
Gerald BickersWS19089   1111Results
Mike BrackenburyWS14386   8 Results
Ewart CassellWS18536      11Results
Wilf CooperWL16470     4Results
Ann DoneLAD58181     7Results
Brian EdwardsWL15969    13 Results
Robert FranklinMS08559   11  Results
Evelyn FranksLAD40634    11 Results
Ian FrostWL15967     14 Results
Doug GatrellWL18313     1 Results
Jack Glynn-OwenWS19947     4Results
Barney HewsonWL17297       Results
Anne HughesLAD45860   9 Results
Dave HughesWL18350       Results
Lynn HughesLAD55341      9Results
Dave HulmstonMS08161       Results
Barbara JonesLAD67985     11Results
Colin JonesWL18374     13Results
Martin JonesWL18555   3 11Results
Ian KerrNL23783    14 Results
Pauline KerrLAD60498   14 Results
Bob KnowlesWS19632      8Results
Archie LambWL16417   14  Results
John MortWL15964     14Results
Ian MoxhamMS 17530    14  Results
Stan NorwoodWL15968   19  Results
Bryan RatcliffeWL18316    14 Results
Christian ReidWL17599   102 Results
Jack RichardsWS19036   85 Results
Daniel RichardsonWL01729      Results
Martin RichardsonWL01699    11  Results
Patrick RichardsonWL01730    20  Results
Charlie SalisburyWL19770     10Results
Anne SmithLAD40637      Results
Callum SmithWS18751     7Results
Colin SmithWL15965   1823Results
Ray SmithWL15966      Results
Roger StanworthWL00013   8  Results
Les ThompsonWL16233     11 Results
Barry VernonWL18001    20  Results
Martin VernonWL 16595    8  Results
Stephen VernonWL 16707    18  Results
Doreen WildsLAD 69679    12 Results
Roger WildsWS18750    1 Results
Howard WilliamsWL18531    5 Results
Paul WilliamsWL16911      13Results
R.P. WilliamsMS08206    17  Results
Simon WilliamsWL16928   116 Results
Pat YaleLAD40633   14 Results