Walney Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for BARROW ISLAND

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




No players 46PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2Results
Lee BarnardCU4413   20 Results
Tommy BensonCU00002  4 Results
Mike BramCU1962    Results
Barry CrawfordCU0980  2 Results
Harry DaggerCU 3781  16 Results
Christine DaleLAD57268   Results
Dave DaleCU3696   16Results
Roy DaviesCU2497   1Results
Paul DennessCU5066    13Results
Barbara DentLAD69845  19Results
Dave DentCU3440   13Results
Paul DentCU4343     Results
Tommy ElliottCU3545    Results
Dave GibbonsCU3353   7 Results
Julie GibbonsLAD47011  15 Results
Ian GoudeCU 4984   1Results
Kian GoudeCU4679   214Results
Eddie HarkinsCU3327   19 Results
John HeadsCU0836    Results
Jamie HumpreyCU5093     Results
Joe HunterCU4819    15Results
Ste HunterCU3694   18 Results
Mick JonesCU4342   19Results
Dave LeeCU00938    Results
Dave LeeceCU0311   1 Results
Brian LinklaterCU4895   20Results
Barbara LowLAD50254  17 Results
Kevin MageeCU3442   7 Results
Malcolm MarshallCU04756  7 Results
Terry MarshallCU4607   15Results
Patrick McCormackCU4581     Results
Neil McDonaldCU4680    6Results
Frank McKechnieCU3773    Results
Peter MinnisCU4236   20Results
Janet MoxhamLAD44314  18 Results
Tony MoxhamCU0947  2 Results
Joe OlearyCU4537   17 Results
Alan PostlethwaiteCU2539  1 Results
Eric SaltonCU04696   1Results
Denis SavageCU3309    Results
Dave SloweyCU4344    7Results
Bernie WalkerCU4291   1Results
Kay WalmsleyLAD31232   Results
Ronnie WalmsleyCU3333   18Results
Joe WardmanCU00018  19 Results
Barry WoodallCU0999  8 Results