Lichfield 50+ Bowling League 2018

2018 Registration Numbers for Armitage with Handsacre

The results are from 2017




T 1Armitage with Handsacre AT 2Armitage with Handsacre Blues
No players 24PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2Results
Pat Ainge     Results
Ray Ainge     Results
Eddie Atkinson     Results
Bill Beer     Results
Susan Buonaquisti     Results
George Bywater     Results
David Clarke     Results
Kevin Clarke     Results
Arthur Cunnington     Results
Margaret Deakin     Results
Ray Henderson     Results
Eric Hodson     Results
Vivian Hodson     Results
John Hustin     Results
Eric Jackson     Results
Mike Lees     Results
Peter Lyons     Results
Jean Mc Gill     Results
John McGill     Results
Deana Painter     Results
George Rochell     Results
John Sadler     Results
Joyce Sadler     Results
Sandra Southwell     Results