Lichfield & District Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for Aldridge Cons

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




T 1Aldridge Cons BT 2Aldridge Cons A
THREE SPIRESCT 1Aldridge Cons BCT 2Aldridge Cons A
No players 27PlayedCup
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2CT 1CT 2Results
Bob Allen       Results
John Conlon       Results
Graham Craddock       Results
Roger Degville       Results
Patricia Eden       Results
Roger Eden       Results
Raymond Francis       Results
David Gough       Results
Robert Jennings       Results
David Millard       Results
Pauline Millard       Results
Alistair Morrison       Results
Joe Pointon       Results
Alan Redfern       Results
Ernest Roberts       Results
Raymond Salter       Results
Russell Sandford       Results
Malcolm Sargent       Results
Margaret Satterthwaite       Results
John Scott       Results
Jim Smith       Results
Win Smith       Results
Barrie Sprason       Results
Gordon Taylor       Results
James Thompson       Results
Alan Waldron       Results
Mark Ward       Results