Heath Town & District Social Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for Amery

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




T 1Amery AT 2Amery B
No players 32Registered
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2T1T2Results
Faye Britton      Results
Tina Britton      Results
Barry Cooper      Results
Darren Craddock      Results
Josh Craddock      Results
Louise Craddock      Results
Luke Craddock      Results
Barry Dolman      Results
Jane Edwards      Results
Rob Edwards      Results
Robert Edwards      Results
John Fletcher      Results
Mick Gooch      Results
Ray Lewis      Results
Dennis Marshman      Results
June Marshman      Results
Gary Morgan      Results
Lee Morgan      Results
Dave Morley      Results
Steve Morley      Results
Becky Peach      Results
Tony Pritchard      Results
Chris Pursall      Results
Sam Pursall      Results
Alan Simmonds      Results
Paul Simmons      Results
Dave Skidmore      Results
John Stanhope      Results
Mick Teirney      Results
Peter Tonks      Results
Mick Tuckley      Results
Jan Van Linden      Results