Wolverhampton and District Works Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for Amery




T 1Amery
No players 28PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1Results
Faye BrittonLAD 63213  6Results
Tina BrittonLAD 19873  7Results
Barry DolmanST 1323   1Results
Jane EdwardsLAD 19785   Results
Rob EdwardsST 1316    Results
Robert EvansST2660  5Results
Mick GoochST 8349    Results
Keith HallST 1299   4Results
Ray LewisST 887   6Results
June MarshmanLAD19725  1Results
Hannah MatthewsLAD 50776   Results
Gary MorganST4209   1Results
Lee MorganST 4211   2Results
Paul MorrisST3796   6Results
Becky PeachLAD 50777   Results
Tony PritchardST 1370   3Results
Yvon PritchardLAD 26484  6Results
Chris PursallST 00199   1Results
John PursallST198   1Results
Sam PursallST 8699   1Results
Alan SimmondsST 1297   7Results
Paul SimmonsST 7846    Results
Dave SkidmoreST 1320   7Results
Don SpraggST6922   4Results
Peter TonksST 5814    Results
Mick TuckleyST 1306    Results
Yan Van LindonST 1287   1Results
Mac WilliamsST 1322    Results