Whitchurch Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for A W Club

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




T 1Awc AT 2Awc BT 3Awc CT 4Awc DT 5Awc E
No players 80PlayedView
PlayerReg NoJunFemVetT1T2T3T4T5Results
Felix AshleySH13376  1  1 Results
Ged AshleySH8067   231 1 Results
Adge BeddowsSH6901    22   Results
Carol BeddowsLAD29605   26   Results
Matt BembowSH1848   242   Results
Mackenzie BirchSH13712       7Results
Stephen BirchSH9757       25Results
Tracy BostockLAD34566   19   Results
Rob BrassingtonSH11505   202  2Results
Alan DavidsonSH964   1    Results
Stan DaviesSH13429     712 Results
Ralph DevonSH9838    1212 Results
John DigbySH11758   3    Results
Kevin DimelowSH11955   2148  Results
Andrew DochertySH11614   973  Results
Joe DownwardSH12953     121 Results
Mike DunsmoreSH12952     119 Results
Simon DunsmoreSH13711      1 Results
Ken DurrantSH3044   223   Results
Paul EdgertonSH6903   916   Results
Dennis EdwardsSH1449     18  Results
Pete ElsonSH10116       24Results
Les GaughanSH3049    1 23 Results
Owen GilliganSH13377     163Results
Rich GoddardSH4106   21    Results
Lynda GollinsLAD2354   2191 Results
Paul GollinsSH3021    4192 Results
Aaron GriffithsSH12608     121 Results
J GuilfordSH13713      2Results
Mark HallerSH8060        Results
Anthony HeathSH472   205   Results
Karen HeathLAD2357       Results
Steve HeathSH3043   82   Results
Denise HendersonLAD2358  223   Results
Dawn HolwellLAD55189    5 21Results
Ray HolwellSH11102   4   22Results
Mark JacksonSH12842       25Results
Luke JonesSH9294   1    Results
Malcolm JonesSH3048   320   Results
Andrew JudsonSH10082   4    Results
S LoveridgeSH6393     121 Results
Avril MetcalfeLAD2363    23  Results
Hilton MetcalfeSH4565     26 Results
Becky MillwardLAD59364      22Results
Jason MillwardSH13198       21Results
Chris MossSH13463   212   Results
John PaddingtonSH1901   222  1Results
Steve PlantSH8373   4    Results
Edward ProudloveSH12561  241   Results
Mike ProudloveSH13680      115Results
Richard ProudloveSH5558   613  6Results
John QuintonSH3067    19 3 Results
Paul RalphsSH13679     1313Results
Mike ReevesSH1343   717   Results
Ray RidgewaySH3051     22  Results
Dave RidgwaySH463   201  1Results
Paula RobertsLAD66856    121 Results
Linda RobinsonSH13678    3102Results
Neville SaywellSH8349     16  Results
Sam SaywellSH10044   53 117Results
Deanna SimcockLAD34571   1212 Results
Jim SimcockSH8350    1182 Results
Stuart SmithSH11757       25Results
Machy SmoutSH3054     23  Results
A SpeedSH13200    1120 Results
Christine SullivanLAD2545   19   Results
Hazel TewSH1907     152Results
John TewSH1721     1221Results
Mike VickersSH6113     120 Results
Geoff WarnerSH147        Results
Josh WarnerSH13052       Results
Graham WelchSH12966      124Results
Richard WildiggSH3024     6  Results
Simon WilliamsSH1727    23   Results
Tom WilliamsSH3022        Results
Callum WraightSH6514   22    Results
Tracy WraightLAD20413  22    Results
Richard YatesSH3019    41721Results
Sandra YatesLAD2371   2191 Results
Dave YoungSH3031    1 1 Results