Stafford Vets Bowling League 2018

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2018 Registration Numbers for Alstom

The results are from 2017. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted




T 1Alstom AT 2Alstom BT 3Alstom CT 4Alstom D
No players 65Registered
PlayerReg NoFemT1T2T3T4T1T2T3T4Results
Steve BartonST10104     22  Results
Brian BelfieldST7828       23Results
John BossonST5795    20   Results
Ian BuckinghamST7134      9 Results
Derek BuntingST9684      20 Results
Jan BuntingLAD67501     25 Results
Taff CarterST10103       3Results
Mary ConkeyLAD35141     5 Results
Geoff CookeST6652      16 Results
Joan CurryLAD41992      3Results
Tony DaleST5607      20 Results
Rob DunnST3630    24   Results
Terry DykeST9676     26  Results
Bryan EdgeST0352       18Results
Betty ElcockLAD19768    1  Results
Ned ElcockST1246     25  Results
Ann EvansLAD19545    26  Results
Mick EvansST7745     19  Results
Sheila FennaLAD50839       Results
John FlowerST9436     2  Results
Bernard FultonST1231    19   Results
Jean FultonLAD19776   19   Results
Charlie GoodchildST5608    12   Results
Tony GreenhalghST5753      11 Results
Stan HallST5840      21 Results
Derek HancockST9677       24Results
Mick HillST9437     22  Results
Peter HillST7927       5Results
Eileen HoldingLAD41990    25  Results
George HoldingST6615     22  Results
Marion HunterLAD22650     3 Results
Pat IbbetsonLAD19567      20Results
Fred JamesST4708    17   Results
Geoff JamesST7966     22  Results
Nesta JohnsonLAD32782       Results
Carol KnowlesLAD46745    20  Results
Tony KnowlesST7307     23  Results
Tony LeaST9708      24 Results
Gordon LeeST6613        Results
Max LowST7579       16Results
Betty LunnLAD55526      20Results
George MatthewsonST9178    18   Results
Anne NolanLAD19565     21 Results
Geoff O'ConnorST7524      24 Results
Bob OldacreST10214      17 Results
Ray OldacreST9719       22Results
Betty PaddisonLAD19566       Results
Bill PetrieST9840      27 Results
Brian PitmanST9600       20Results
Ted ReesST6653    20   Results
John RileyST8285       4Results
Adrian RowleyST9497     5  Results
Ivor ScottST6166         Results
Irene StephensLAD53360       Results
Pauline StephensLAD22628     17 Results
Jim SummersST4348       21Results
Patricia TudorLAD59292      19Results
Ted TurtonST7506        Results
George TweddleST1276    18   Results
Iris WalkerLAD19769       Results
Graham WebbST1215    26   Results
Kate WebbLAD19753   22   Results
Dave WhiteST6844       21Results
Mike WhitehornST835    25   Results
John WillattPT5762       21Results