Shrewsbury ladies Bowling League 2017
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2017 Registration numbers for Albrighton

The results are from 2016. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted

Telford & District AfternoonT 1Albrighton
No players 19PlayedView
PlayerReg NoVetT1Results
Norma Ashford59356 15Results
Maureen Beasley32121 10Results
Helen Blunt69081  Results
Alison Brazier55187  Results
Marjorie Bulmer1372  Results
Elaine Gregory49607 2Results
Mary Gudgin30622 10Results
Val Johns64574 12Results
Christine Kane1385  Results
Pat Kinsey47923 17Results
June Law44654 19Results
Sheila Lockley60642  Results
Sheila Macken41892 14Results
Janet MedlicottL62266 Results
Gillian Price54639 7Results
Cath Ratcliffe41917  Results
Jean Stroudley60641 14Results
Carol Sylvester66874  Results
Ann Treble30626  Results