Mid Shropshire Seniors Bowling League 2017
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The results are from 2016. Any members who no longer play for your club may now be deleted

T 1Albrighton AT 2Albrighton B
2017 Registration numbers for Albrighton
No players 23Registered
PlayerReg NoFemT1T2T1T2Results
Roger AlexanderSH12858    1Results
Joe AshfordSH7726   20 Results
Len CartwrightSH10643    26Results
Gerry ConnollySH7770   2 Results
Barry Davies ST9558   416Results
George HadleyWW12440    1Results
Ken HarleyST2040   212Results
Ron HartleySH10294   113Results
John HassallSH7773    21Results
David HopkinsSH7538    2Results
Bernard JohnsonSH12689     Results
Bob JoyceST2205   23 Results
George Law SH8903   25 Results
Keith LockleySH11734     Results
Tony MackenSH8058    25Results
Mick SharrodSH85   23 Results
Colin StewartSH11736    19Results
Nick StroudleySH11735   18 Results
Robert SylvesterSH12590    12Results
Len WolfeST7984     Results
Ray Woodstock **SH64  19 Results
Ray Woodstock **Applied for    Results
Graham WottonSH12356    4Results